Meet The Farrells

Meet The Farrells

The world is crazy these days. Have you noticed? All-too-soon, your children will make their own way in this increasingly godless culture. 

Will they be equipped to stand?


Our family embarked on our homeschooling journey when our firstborn was five. We've since homeschooled both our sons K-12. Then they did online college from home.

Because we homeschooled our own sons, we empathize with the struggles you face as a home educators.

We love homeschooling and homeschoolers — and we're dedicated to helping you teach your children to think critically and stand firm for Truth.

“Engaging” is the key.

It is so much easier to teach significant subjects when the resources used capture your students' attention and ignite their love of learning.

Your children need to be equipped to understand these changing times. We've created a number of engaging resources that can help.

With our resources, your children can learn how to write skillfully, think critically, and speak articulately as they explore the world of ideas!

Our resources have been endorsed by some of our favorite Christian authors:

Nancy Pearcey, Linda Hobar, Israel Wayne, Michael Phillips, Hal & Melanie Young, Heidi St. John, and more!



Stacy Farrell, WriterStacy Farrell worked as a writer, researcher, and consultant before she embarked on her family's homeschooling adventure.

As a freelancer, she wrote a broad range of materials for corporate, Christian, and and non-profit clients. She also managed a law firm that specialized in civil rights litigation and constitutional law.

Although her background equipped her to teach communication skills, much study and prayer were required before she was ready to teach critical thinking from a biblical worldview.

Her heartfelt focus was to raise her sons to become “men who understand the times and know what to do” (1 Chronicles 12:32).

Stacy speaks at homeschool conferences. She publishes articles in leading Christian and homeschool magazines. She loves to write, speak, and teach— but considers her role as wife to Roger and mother to two precious sons to be her greatest privilege and work.

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