Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

Nothing can be known but that which God reveals. (I see this clearly as I study the philosophers.)

He has spoken through His Son and through His infallible Word, transmitted through fallible men. Despite man's fallibility, God is able to preserve His message of love and rescue.

So, we will all give an account for how we have responded to Jesus when we stand (or lay prostrate) before Him.

God is fearsome in His holiness—yet abundant in His mercy toward the humble.

Those who reach for the scepter of forgiveness, extended during the crucifixion of His Son, have nothing to fear on the day of God’s wrath.

But those who reject His mercy (and essentially spit upon that cross) will stand on their own merits on Judgment Day—a fearsome proposition if ever there was one.

Imagine standing at the foot of Mount St. Helens during her 1980 eruption. Who wouldn’t be seized with terror—even given the assurance that no harm would befall them?

(And Mount St. Helens is merely a created thing, and that eruption less than a sneeze to the One who made it.)

Those who receive Jesus Christ in this life have received the assurance that no harm will befall them in the life to come.

In Jesus, God is for us.

But for those who reject the Son, no such assurance has been given. In fact, just the opposite has been promised. The fate of those who spurn His mercy will be permanently sealed on the Day of Accounting.

Reach for the One who loves you....

Stacy Farrell — for Home School Adventure Co.

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