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3 Tips for Teaching Homeschool Math

He sat at the table all morning. Hours passed. When I checked on him, he still hadn’t finished his math lesson.

This scene replayed multiple times.

Much later—after he’d graduated homeschool—he confessed the reason why his math lessons took so long….

student taking test

Should you use grades and tests in your homeschool?

To grade or not to grade?

That is a question only you can answer.

It can be helpful to learn what works well for others, but no one knows your children like you do. You know best what your children need.

As I explain a bit about how we handled grades and testing in our homeschool, keep in mind that your family’s needs may be entirely different….


What is the difference between Christianity and a cult?

Why would anyone follow a leader who sought to control and abuse them?

Although this sounds like a reasonable question, an honest survey of human history reveals many stories of charismatic leaders leading their followers to their destruction.


His nickname was Squill Head.

Pericles’ name means “surrounded by glory.” A few nights before he was born, his mother dreamt she gave birth to a lion. 🦁

Born with an unusually large skull that made Pericles a target for ridicule—comedians nicknamed him “Squill-head.”

He grew from a introverted, studious youth … into a charismatic orator who had a ferocious impact upon Athenian history.


Fierce Killer Turned Gentle Evangelist Goes Home

Mincaye departed this world on April 28, 2020.

What we see in a mirror dimly, he now sees face to face (1 Corinthians 13:12).

In honor of his passing, I share this excerpt—one of the many inspiring stories I encountered while researching and writing Walking with the Waodani.

Big yellow school bus

Do you really want your children socialized?

How many times have you been asked “The Question”?

You know, the one that people ask when they learn that you homeschool your children.

It’s a question brimming with misconceptions….

Once upon a time there was a homeschool mom

5 Easy Ways To Get Your Students Excited About Writing

Once upon a time there was a homeschool mom with three children who needed to learn how to write.

In a world of emojis, text messaging, and chat, this mom wanted her kids to have the skills to eloquently “say what they mean” (and the character to “mean what they say”).

But she had a problem.

Since she wasn’t a writer herself, the thought of teaching her kids how to write overwhelmed her.

homeschool through heartbreak

How do you homeschool when your heart is breaking?

Heartache intrudes upon our lives, uninvited. It wears many faces … takes many forms. How do we homeschool through the heartache?


Do you know how to study for high school?

What if you could study less and improve your grades?

Learn study tips and strategies that can increase your effectiveness so your high school assignments fit into your life rather than consume it.

(Inside: grab a FREE download with the 10 Habits that will help you become a better student.)

Rudeness is epidemic

Do parents today know how to teach children manners?

Don’t underestimate the power of good manners. Even small acts of kindness can make a big impact.

As the light of civility in our culture grows dim, our light of love as expressed through godly manners will shine all the brighter.

a variety of delicious foods

2 Tips for Teaching Health and Manners

Do you need to teach health and manners?

When you explore a bit of the history of diets and manners, it may feel like you’ve stepped into The Twilight Zone.

Many of the popular diets were so ridiculous—or deadly—that it’s hard to believe anyone would follow them.

colorful brain mechanics

Essential Study Skills: Memory

Memory is like a muscle that is strengthened with use. Before we talk about how to develop it, let’s talk about goals.

Are your students studying only what is necessary to pass a test? Or are they studying to truly understand the material?

The destination determines the path….

Slow down

Does your family know how to slow down?

When you’re racing through life, everything is a blur. You blaze past beauty without noticing it. You miss fine details. There’s no time for reflection—just the “next thing.”

It’s easy to lose sight of our ultimate purpose. Do you know what that is?

Art possesses a worldview.

How to Introduce Your Children to Great Art and Music

Most of what I learned in public school K-12, I’ve forgotten. But much of what I learned while homeschooling my children has literally transformed my thinking.

Isn’t it cool how homeschooling gives us another opportunity to be educated?

Phonics or Sight Words

Phonics or Sight Words?

When the time came to teach my two young sons how to read, my homeschool mentor/dear friend Beth recommended I keep things simple….

3 Tips for Storytime

3 Tips for Storytime

Cuddling together on the couch… exploring new worlds through the pages of story… learning significant character lessons through noble (or ignoble) characters….

Stories can connect us!

always protect your marriage

What does it take to protect your marriage?

Once the honeymoon is over, marriage can become more challenging. Past hurts, disappointments, and a difficult family history can exasperate marital conflicts.

In my first year of marriage, I faced a painful decision. It tested the strength of my commitment to faithfulness and transparency in my marriage.

It’s a rather personal story…

Reluctant writer working hard

Are you trying to teach a reluctant writer?

As a homeschool mom and writing teacher, I understand how difficult it can be to try to teach a reluctant writer. It’s easy to feel inadequate.

Thankfully, after 40+ years of writing, I’ve discovered a few techniques and tips that can transform a reluctant writer into a confident communicator.

If you’d like a little guidance on how to inspire a student who is reluctant to write, keep reading….

The Dignity of Motherhood

Motherhood is a real job

When we speak of “a strong woman,” why should we look at a CEO rather than a stay-at-home mom? We are told that a modern, empowered woman can do anything and everything. Motherhood is okay, but it’s best if combined with a “real job.”

Is that reasonable? Can I actually be a full-time wife and mother and professional and do everything perfectly?

Are you ready for a day of rest?

Do you need a day of rest?

You want to be a loving, joyful, peaceful momma, but you’re exhausted. The demands on your time and energy feel relentless.

You need a chance to catch your breath—but you feel guilty. There’s still so much work waiting to be done.

You need a day of rest.

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