3 Tips for Storytime

3 Tips for Storytime

3 Tips for Storytime
3 Tips for Storytime

Cuddling together on the couch... exploring new worlds through the pages of story… learning significant character lessons through noble (or ignoble) characters….

Stories can connect us.

A Storybook Fable

Seize these fleeting moments.

You’ve probably heard this before. In fact, it might even be haunting you. It haunted me (because it's true):

“The days are long, but the years are short.”

 Our children grow up in a twinkling!

That's why, whenever we can, we need to seize the moment to make a memory—a lasting imprint upon our child’s heart.


Do you have a bedtime routine for your littles? Reading a favorite story at bedtime can give young children a sense of stability and security.

I'd Rather Be Your Mommy is a bedtime story that celebrates motherhood and tells your little ones how much you love being their mommy.

But we shouldn't stop reading to our children just because they get older. We never outgrow the ability to enjoy a good read-aloud.

3 Considerations Related to Storytime

I wish I had read more stories to my sons while they were little. Storytime was a special time. Intimate. Sweet.

Although I didn’t read aloud to my sons nearly as much as I wish I had, my husband read lots of wonderful books to them like:

Great stories can have a profound and lasting impact.

Observing the imprint those stories left upon my sons’ hearts, I have three suggestions:

#1 - Choose your stories carefully.

There is one story in particular that I read to our sons that left its mark on us.

I’m not sure how or why I ended up with a copy of The Wise Woman, George MacDonald’s enchanting fable. Nor can I say for certain what prompted me to select it as a family read-aloud.

But it has earned a place among our family favorites.

I am incredibly grateful that my sons and I shared the adventures of MacDonald’s memorable characters: the Wise Woman, Rosamond, and Agnes.

The poor foolish creature needs the wise woman.

#2 - Teach Character Through Stories.

Through The Wise Woman, we saw pride unmasked for the hideous sin that it is, and we saw the consequences of selfishness clearly displayed in the lives of two young girls.

We also witnessed the magnificent character transformation of a spoiled brat.

(I won’t say more in case you want to read the story for yourself.)

A princess is able to do what others cannot.

#3 - Inspire creativity through stories.

Stories can unleash your children's imagination.

There's an ongoing argument as to whether books or movies are superior.

Although I appreciate the unique features of a well-crafted film, I'm confident that reading a well-written book engages more brain power.

You can build on that engagement by encouraging your children to take a scene from a book and write their own ending.

That's what we did with some of the exercises in Creative Freewriting Adventure.

These exercises take the pressure off the writing process and let students simply have fun. You can try one of these exercises with your kids.

Imagine riding a winged horse

Whether you're reading a bedtime story again and again to a toddler, snuggling close and reading to young children, or piling on the couch with older children to read a classic tale, you won't regret investing in storytime.

It's one activity that can draw your family together, create memories, and spark meaningful conversations.

What book will you read to your children next?

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