5 Gift Ideas for Homeschool Families

5 Gift Ideas for Homeschool Families

hands holding gift
hands holding gift

Homeschool moms are notorious for giving educational resources to their children on birthdays and for Christmas.

I've bought a few such items myself (with mixed responses from my sons depending upon what type of item I purchased.) I thought perhaps I could share with you a few of the gifts I've given over the years that my sons have thoroughly enjoyed....

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5 Favorites Gifts

Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit

When my sons were still young boys (5-8), they enjoyed experimenting with Snap Circuits. It was extremely user-friendly and gave them a painless introduction to electrical circuitry.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 31313

If you have an engineer-minded child in your house, turn them loose with Lego Mindstorms! My sons thoroughly enjoyed the design and programming challenges they encountered in First Lego League, so they were thrilled to receive an earlier version of this set.

Time Changer

If you hold fast to the standards established by Philippians 4:8, it can be difficult to find a movie to watch that doesn't violate your conscience.  That's why we love Time Changers. It's engaging, enjoyable, and edifying! Although at first it might appear to be merely a simple and sweet story, ponder it and you'll discover it conveys an incredibly profound truth!

A Christmas Carol

This classic version of A Christmas Carol will always be our favorite. I can still remember being terrified by the door-knocker when I was a little girl. But this movie creates a good kind of fear — fear of wasting our lives chasing worldly riches to the neglect of those things near to the heart of God.

The Nativity Story

Watching The Nativity Story on Christmas Eve is a tradition in our house. It calibrates our hearts to receive the real gift of Christmas. Jesus came to rescue us from the corruption that eats at our souls and destroys relationships and causes all creation to groan. One day, He will wipe every tear....



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