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5 Gift Ideas for Homeschool Families

5 Favorites Gifts

Homeschool moms are notorious for giving educational resources to their children on birthdays and for Christmas. I’ve bought a few such items myself (with mixed responses from my sons depending upon what type of item I purchased.) I thought perhaps I could share with you a few of the gifts I’ve given over the years that my sons thoroughly enjoyed….

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Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit

When my sons were still young boys (5-8), they enjoyed experimenting with Snap Circuits. It was extremely user-friendly and gave them a painless introduction to electrical circuitry.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 31313

If you have an engineer-minded child in your house, turn them loose with Lego Mindstorms! My sons thoroughly enjoyed the design and programming challenges they encountered in First Lego League, so they were thrilled to receive an earlier version of this set.

Time Changer

If you hold fast to the standards established by Philippians 4:8, it can be difficult to find a movie to watch that doesn’t violate your conscience.  That’s why we love Time Changers. It’s engaging, enjoyable, and edifying! Although at first it might appear to be merely a simple and sweet story, ponder it and you’ll discover it conveys an incredibly profound truth!

A Christmas Carol

This classic version of A Christmas Carol will always be our favorite. I can still remember being terrified by the door-knocker when I was a little girl. But this movie creates a good kind of fear — fear of wasting our lives chasing worldly riches to the neglect of those things near to the heart of God.

The Nativity Story

Watching The Nativity Story on Christmas Eve is a tradition in our house. It calibrates our hearts to receive the real gift of Christmas. Jesus came to rescue us from the corruption that eats at our souls and destroys relationships and causes all creation to groan. One day, He will wipe every tear….



127 thoughts on “5 Gift Ideas for Homeschool Families

  1. Winning this $500 would be awesome. I JUST started work this week after being unemployed for 3 months so I am not sure if there will be anything left of my paycheck on the 19th after paying bills to provide Christmas gifts for my grandkids. So this would be such a blessing if I were to win!

    1. Thanks for sharing and entering the giveaway, Sandi. And congratulations on your new position! Praying that you have a sweet time with your grandkids this Christmas. 🙂

  2. What a great Christmas giveaway!

  3. I would love to win because money is tighter this year than usual and our minivan is acting funny–EEK!

  4. Fabulous suggestions. Thanks, and Merry Christmas.

    1. Thanks for entering our giveaway and for your kind words. Merry Christmas!

  5. This is a tough season of life for our family right now, winning $500 would help us to pay bills. But, you know what?! God is good, and we are so blessed in spite of the valley! We have so MANY things that we’re thankful for.

    Thanks for offering the fabulous giveaway! Love the gift suggestions you listed. We are well acquainted with and love all of them except Time Changer. Guess we’ll have to check that out!

    1. You glorify God with your response to life’s challenges. Thank you. You are an inspiration! (You will love Time Changer, too!)

  6. This would be a great giveaway to win, especially at Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  7. Thanks for this chance to win. My kids and I sometimes get too caught up in all the activities and gifts and we can lose sight of what Christmas really is.

  8. We’re homeschoolers, I’m pretty sure every penny of that prize would go towards curriculum of some sort! LOL

    1. Been there, done that! LOL!

  9. I’ve been eyeing that The Nativity Story wondering if it is any good. 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway! Christmas is hard. We live so far from family that to afford the trip to go see them now it means there probably wont be enough in the budget for gifts and baking. We also just moved into a smaller house and there’s no place to put a regular sized tree. It feels much less Christmasy around here this year.

    1. You’re welcome, Jessica. Thanks for sharing! The Nativity Story helps us remember what the first Christmas was like for Jesus! Praying your Christmas is filled with His presence!

  10. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  11. Winning $500 would be such a help to us this Christmas.

  12. I love your site ♡ I have shared many posts on my Facebook pages! And I love the $500 giveaway… thank you for the chance.
    Blessings & love…

    1. Thanks, Blessed Mama. We appreciate your encouragement!

  13. The $500 would help us tremendously as my husband just lost his job last month.

    1. So sorry, Allison. Praying for your family!

  14. Would love to win this to help out with end of year expenses!

  15. Great site Merry Christmas

  16. Awesome giveaway indeed. We could totally use this cash this Christmas.

  17. We’ve had some unexpected expenses this year (including needing half of our roof replaced), and the giveaway would be a huge blessing. Merry Christmas!

  18. We just moved in March and are in no place to give anything to our kiddos for Christmas. This would help give them a Christmas they deserve and get some groceries in our home!!

  19. Moving into a new house, starting nearly from scratch with furniture, winning this giveaway would take a huge load off our backs!

  20. Would be such a blessing, it would definitely help with travel expenses this Christmas.

  21. What an amazing opportunity for a homeschooling family – thank you all so much for putting it together! I literally can’t imagine the impact it would have on my family – I’m a single mom homeschooling my six year old boy It is tough, but oh-so worth the sacrifices, early mornings, not earning as much money as if I had a “corporate job”. But I’ve fallen in love with our life style nonetheless. We have had a tough year, moved to a new community but found an amazing church near by and made a handful of friends who I think were delivered by God Himself. This week our new friends brought us a couch (we haven’t had one since we moved here 6 months ago!), a Christmas tree and decorations, and not only that, lots of extras – soup, sweets for my child, blankets, and even a stuffed bear. Gosh, I’m in tears thinking how blessed we have already been! May all of your hearts & homes be as blessed x

  22. Winning $500.00 would be such a blessing, especially after my husband missed work to care for the kids while I was in the hospital during Thanksgiving week!

  23. $500 would be great! The van needs new brakes and the washing machine is hanging on for dear life. 🙂

  24. Winning this would allow our family to visit the Creatiom Museum for the first time- something we’ve wanted to do for years!

  25. I love celebrating the gift of Jesus!

  26. Thx for offering all the wonderful resources!

  27. This would be a wonderful gift for our family. I had to have surgery and our daughter needed braces, none of which was covered by insurance. It’s going to be a lean Christmas.

  28. It would help my daughter, who just had a baby boy. I would love to help her out, and buy some stuff for the baby, but we aren’t in a good place, financially.

  29. winning the giveaway would be a great blessing because it would help put a bright spot on a tough year in my family like a leaky roof,stage 4 cancer for one of my nieces,and bills.

  30. Winning this money would be a blessing for us, in that it would take off the financial pressure we have to drive down to see my husband’s family for Christmas. They do not live crazy far away, just enough that it will take several tanks of gas and making sure our car is ready for the trip(that we don’t normally budget for) And the rest would be put to good use for our needs. And I have always wanted to buy blankets and scarfs for the homeless to hand out this time of year, but haven’t had the extra room to do so. It would be nice to bless them in that way.

  31. This is an incredible opportunity! Thank you what a huge blessing it will be for the lucky winner! Can’t help but hope it will be me! It would be a blessing for us as I’ve been saving to buy curriculum for the kids and pennies and persistence do pay off so I am hoping to be able to purchase in May but sooner would be even better! Mommy to 4 kiddos (11,10,8 and 3)

  32. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway!! If I was gifted the money I would give some to charity, purchase some homeschool materials for next year, buy a few Christmas gifts and a hand mixer for myself. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  33. Thank you and all the other bloggers involved in providing this blessing for one person’s benefit. Winning $500 would be such a blessing for my family. It would go toward expenses needed for my oldest daughter’s final semester of college, spring 2017. These expenses are remaining tuition, textbooks, her meal card, and graduation expenses. God has been more than faithful to us and provided our every need. While it would be a blessing to us to win, I know He will provide for her final semester, whether this way or another.

  34. This is a great list. Thank you!

  35. Our almost 7 yo boy has been begging for a snap circuit this entire year! Love these suggestions. We have 3 boys and will be buying walkie talkies for our nature hikes, along with a magnetic fishing game set.

  36. I haven’t received a payment check since June and we added our third little blessing at the end of August. It would be amazing to win this money, not just for Christmas, but to survive!
    Thank you for sharing!

  37. We are a single family income as many homeschool families are. This money would allow us to provide some educational toys and tools for uur oldest has learning disabilities and our youngest girl has Sensory Processing disorder and to surprise my husband who works so hard and struggles with feeling like it’s never enough. What a blessing you and the other bloggers will be for a family!

  38. Winning the $500 would help us be able to buy new cloth diaper supplies for our baby. Most if the diapers were given to us by others and they’re not the best quality. We’re now having almost daily leaks, and nighttime is a nightmare… She always wakes up soaked. We can’t and won’t use disposables because baby is allergic and we can’t afford to keep buying diapers.

  39. With four kids anything helps. The holidays are always hard here because I work full time and it still doesn’t cut it. We have each other though and my kids are great. This would make our holiday a little bit easier.

  40. Winning $500.00 would be a great blessing to
    Our family. My husband who is only 38 had a stoke August 22, 2016. We’ve been living on short term disability since then until it ended November 21st. Long term hasn’t kicked in yet so money’s tight and bills are pulling up. I have been homeschooling my 2 kids for 10 years now and this would also help to get them something for Christmas. Thank you for the chance. God bless.

    1. So sorry, Katie. Sending up a prayer for your family during this difficult time!

  41. Thanks for sharing the giveaway, lately most of our homeschool days are spent having creative fun at home, because our budget for clases or activities is very minimal due to my husband’s decreased work hours and me trying to start a new business where at the moment we are spending more than making. Winning something like this would be splendid.
    Love this site, blessings, and wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!

    1. Thanks, Valentina! Blessings on your family!

  42. This would be such a blessing for us at this time. All your gift ideas are fabulous. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Dianna!

  43. This would be a real blessing to help with Christmas gift expenses!

  44. It would be a blessing for us to get caught up on our bills.

  45. Thanks for the chance to win a great Christmas giveaway,this could make many people i know happy.

  46. Thank you for letting us in on this drawing!What a great way to bless at this time of year!

  47. Winning $500 would be a blessing to our family for many reasons. The number one reason would be that I was diagnosed with breast cancer this year and had to go through chemo and radiation, after 2 surgeries. $500 would not touch how much has been spent already, but it sure would help relieve some tension. Thanks for the opportunity and congratulations to whomever wins! Merry Christmas.

    1. Sending up a prayer for you, Lisa. Praying you will feel His presence in the midst of this trial!

  48. I would buy new clothes and shoes for the whole family.

  49. This would bless our family because we could buy a new hot water heater which has been leaking.

  50. It would just be a blessing!

  51. This would be such a blessing for our family this season.

  52. We would be able to get Christmas for our kids. We are on a tight budget this year and don’t have much to give them.

  53. It would help me get supplies for my new at home business!

  54. My brother has been out of work and my sister is going through a tough time. Winning this giveaway would allow me to bless my family with a Christmas surprise.

  55. By Yahweh’s grace, winning this $500 will help us purchase a new refrigerator or , if ours lasts, pay towards college expenses.
    Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find it, knock and the door shall be opened unto you! ….so Yeshua , we are asking in your mighty and matchless Name, please provide this card for us!

  56. I could have a new pair of shoes that don’t give me blisters daily and we could afford a Christmas tree without having to make a choice of tree or presents from Santa.

  57. I would love to win. Thanks!!

  58. This would bless us by letting me worry a little less about the day to day and give us a little wiggle room to make our holiday more enjoyable!

  59. Winning would be a huge blessing! We homeschool our six kids and it gets really expensive!

  60. I’d use the majority of it to buy items for the fire victims in Gatlinburg TN. Their community will never be the same there. We are just 30 mins from there and still in shock as to the devastation that resulted in loss lives, homeless, businesses gone, and over 17 acres forever burnt that will take yrs and yrs to regrow in trees. Not to mention the animals that died or suffered that were on lands that were for ones like the elk, red foxes, lynx, and black bears.

    1. Yes. It’s heartbreaking. Our prayers go out to all those touched by this tragedy!

  61. This would be wonderful to win! Thank you for putting together such a generous giveaway and congratulations to whomever wins!

    1. You are most welcome. Wishing your family a Merry Christmas!

  62. Winning this $500 would be amazing. It would allow my husband and I to get a little something for each other, which we haven’t done in years.

  63. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  64. This time of year work always slows down (and even slower this year) so winning this would give us a lil more peace of mind. No matter what, “He always provides, sure as the sun will rise.” 🙂

  65. What a great giveaway, very timely! 🙂

  66. This $500 would be put towards our family’s travel costs for a church mission trip we’re saving up for that will take place next winter (Christmas 2017). Although, our pastor’s daughter was just diagnosed with an inoperable and incurable cancerous brain tumor (DIPG). She is just starting her 2nd week of radiation treatments. With this situation, I find it possible our church mission trip will not come to fruition next year. If that is the case, than this $500 will be donated to our pastor for medical and related expenses.

    1. So sorry about your pastor’s daughter. Sending up a prayer for her and her family!

  67. The movie The Time Changer is fantastic. I would definitely recommend it. I’ve been looking for a copy for some time now, and winning the $500 would enable me to to purchase it so my family can watch it. There are so few wholesome biblical movies for families these days, especially children. Most modern ‘Christian’ movies still contain so many worldly ideals that they aren’t really suitable, but The Time Changer is definitely not one of those.

    1. It’s so fun that you’re familiar with the movie, too. It really is superb!

  68. I am on disability which means I am on a fixed income and winning this would help me afford to feed my family for Christmas Dinner and buy a few gifts to give and donate.

  69. My boys love using the Snap Circuits. These are a great gift idea!

  70. While it would be nice to win an extra $500 with our 7 children, I want to remind everyone something…Look further then money and winnings and Remember the REASON for Christmas is the Birth of Our Savior! God Bless you all at this special time of year, let us give of ourselves when we do not have material gifts to give, and let us be Thankful for what we are blessed with!

    1. So. well. said. Thank you!

    2. Mama Hyland: Wonderfully said!! I came on here for fun today to realize I had missed the entry deadline :-P, but noticed the comments people were leaving. Though I understand people have serious needs (everyone I know is hurting in some way and most of my friends are financially strapped and unable to afford to pay their bills let alone have big Christmases) and even we are facing a $40,000+ medical cost for our son that we simply do not have. BUT, Christmas is not supposed to be about the presents but about Christ. God promises that he will take care of us and I am here to say how true that is. Even in our brokest hour, we have never gone hungry or without a home. Even homeschooling and with the high cost of curriculum, we have always been provided for. Two years ago we were foreclosed on yet God provided us a beautiful home. We made gifts that year with stuff we had and it felt like blinders were removed to our personal view of Christmas and the financial expectations and we were able to rejoice in the gift of salvation instead of the other stuff. These giveaways are awesome and so much fun, but I thank Mama Hyland for reminding us to be thankful!! To teach our kids to be thankful!!! May God bless each one of you during your trials, your pain, your fears and your hardships. I guarantee you he will! He never leaves us nor forsakes us. Merry Christmas! (And thanks, Stacy, for doing this fun giveaway :-))

      1. Thanks, Kelly! Your testimony is a rich blessing for all of us! Merry Christmas!

  71. We are raising support to be missionaries in South America. Also we have 5 kids 7 and under. 🙂

  72. My husband was just laid off his job, right before Christmas. Bad timing. We homeschool, so now we have to find other means, another job. Stressing out even more during the holidays. When I think of times that are hard, I also think of all the blessings. May you all have a wonderful Christmas, keep us in your prayers as I will you.

  73. Thank You for this chance to win a Christmas blessing!

  74. I hate to sound whiny, but it’s been a pretty rough year. Hubby lost his job and our home of 8 years was taken by the bank. Of course the Lord has been so good and generous towards us-but the bills have pilled high and this will be another lean holiday. We have 4 littles, and it would be so amazing to do something amazing with our kids, as well as do something (like blessing bags) to give out to those in REAL need.

    1. You don’t sound whiny, Dominique. In fact, you sound like you are grateful for His blessings and have a heart to care for others. Thank you for sharing!

  75. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope it helps someone in need.

  76. I have 5 kids and this would be a tremendous help for gifts, holiday meals, preparing for our new homeschool year, and creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration of the birth and life of our Savior this year. <3 Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. Thanks for having the giveaway. $500 would be a blessing for the holidays and make budget less tight.

  78. What an amazing giveaway! This would help us so much with unexpected medical expenses that have just started coming in. I Thank The Lord for all he does and I know he will help us get through this. This would be an extra special Blessing but I know there are others in need too. I hope this giveaway will help someone in need. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.

  79. Winning this giveaway would mean a great deal for us. The kids would have a fabulous Christmas after a few years of having to count pennies. They have been such troopers and it would be nice to spoil them a little.

  80. it would help me pay off my emergency room bill.

  81. It would be a blessing 🙂

  82. Thank you for doing this giveaway! Right now, $500 would bless my family with Christmas. We are living paycheck to paycheck with my husband being the sole income earner and fighting a health battle at the same time!

  83. Thanks for the opportunity to share more about Jesus. He really is the only reason we have to find real joy.

    1. Amen!

  84. We would be able to have a good Christmas with it! It would be so wonderful!

  85. I would love to win this giveaway because it would mean the ability to buy not just what my kids NEED for Christmas, but also a few things they would love to have for fun! Some extra money to help friends and family too!

  86. We have a project that needs to be completed in order to adjust bedroom situation of the growing kids. We are working on building a space that can be for school while freeing up sleeping space. 🙂 Would use this on that project!! 🙂

  87. This would bless our family in such a big way!! My husband has been unemployed for several months, and just began a new job last week. This prize would allow us to buy some gifts we wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

  88. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the giveaway. Winning would be such a blessing right now. The house we were living in had a leak in the roof which we told the landlord about before we even moved in 2 1/2 years ago. We had a tree fall on our roof last winter so he finally had to have someone come take care of the roof (2 months later, yes we lived with a tree on our house for 2 months!) and found the whole house was now full if mold. We have been staying with family for the past 5 months. All of our belongings are in storage 4 hours away, aside from a few toys and couple outfits for each of us (including all of our winter clothing and it just snowed 8 inches where we are) My husband just got a pay cut of $4.75/hr.

    1. Praying for God’s provision for your family, Nicole!

  89. This like many other families would be a blessing to us. This has been an interesting year financially but God is true and has provided all along. We are thankful for His blessings. We have had a few issues come up this month already (vehicle not working correctly, new tires needed, septic tank needed to be pumped, etc…) So may God bless everyone this Christmas season and all through 2017. Good Luck to everyone 🙂

  90. What an awesome time to have such a great give away. How exciting!

  91. Thank you for sharing your blessings with us. Our Lord Jesus bless you and your family.

  92. Yes, these are wonderful homeschooling favorites! I am a long time home educator and it is now fun while homeschooling my own to pass many of these to my grandchildren! The best is when we are together and my son shares these with his nieces and nephews! Thank you for sharing!

  93. Thank you!

  94. $500 would help my family not only with buying gifts, but also to afford to travel home to visit family for the holidays.

  95. I am looking for a job for the winter (the farm where I work closes for the winter), so this would be incredibly helpful for everyday expenses while I’m searching!

  96. Winning this giveaway would help me give some very deserving people an extra special Christmas this year. I work with a group of mentally impaired adult men — this money would allow me to really make a difference in their lives… they need clothes, coats, boots etc…

  97. It would afford us the opportunity to partake in what we have only dreamed of doing.

  98. Winning the prize will bless my family so we can have a little extra to eat this Christmas + allow us to tithe a bit more to our church.

  99. The prize would be used for purchasing books, etc. for our homeschool. We’d finally be able to afford a Mindstorm robot for STEM for my son. He loves Lego 🙂

  100. with a new addition due in January, this would be a great way to buy those few things we need before baby gets here. The things that did not last through his or her’s two (out of three) older brothers. the biggest need being the car seat. This would also help in buying some things for next school year 😀

  101. With this blessing I could buy my younger siblings (who are still homeschooling) Christmas this year b/c my mom does not have the funds to do so at the moment. They have had it rough this past 6 months and could use some Christmas cheer!!!

  102. I would use it to buy gifts for our nieces and nephew.

  103. That would be amazing to receive this giveaway! Our family is pretty much out of funds because of disabilities and no work, etc. and this would be such a blessing!

  104. We would use the money for gifts for others and for our church.

  105. This would be a great blessing if we won. Our new business isn’t doing as great as it was in the warmer months. God knows who deserves this most, so Congrats in advance for whoever wins.

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