homeschool through heartbreak

How do you homeschool when your heart is breaking?

Heartache intrudes upon our lives, uninvited. It wears many faces … takes many forms. How do we homeschool through the heartache?

Rudeness is epidemic

Do parents today know how to teach children manners?

Don’t underestimate the power of good manners. Even small acts of kindness can make a big impact.

As the light of civility in our culture grows dim, our light of love as expressed through godly manners will shine all the brighter.

Slow down

Does your family know how to slow down?

When you’re racing through life, everything is a blur. You blaze past beauty without noticing it. You miss fine details. There’s no time for reflection—just the “next thing.”

It’s easy to lose sight of our ultimate purpose. Do you know what that is?

always protect your marriage

What does it take to protect your marriage?

Once the honeymoon is over, marriage can become more challenging. Past hurts, disappointments, and a difficult family history can exasperate marital conflicts.

In my first year of marriage, I faced a painful decision. It tested the strength of my commitment to faithfulness and transparency in my marriage.

It’s a rather personal story…

The Dignity of Motherhood

Motherhood is a real job

When we speak of “a strong woman,” why should we look at a CEO rather than a stay-at-home mom? We are told that a modern, empowered woman can do anything and everything. Motherhood is okay, but it’s best if combined with a “real job.”

Is that reasonable? Can I actually be a full-time wife and mother and professional and do everything perfectly?

Are you ready for a day of rest?

Do you need a day of rest?

You want to be a loving, joyful, peaceful momma, but you’re exhausted. The demands on your time and energy feel relentless.

You need a chance to catch your breath—but you feel guilty. There’s still so much work waiting to be done.

You need a day of rest.

3 Tips for Time Management

3 Tips to Help You Overcome Overwhelm, Clutter, & Chaos

Do you feel overwhelmed? Is your environment making you a little crazy? Do you worry about whether you’re giving the people you love the attention they need? With the flood of demands and opportunities that rush toward us, it’s easy to be swept away….

eternity in their hearts

Eternity in Their Hearts

In Worshipping the State, Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D., tells a story about incoming college students who were forced to participate in an exercise intended to shame and punish those who held “politically incorrect” opinions.

All the students were required to stand along one wall if they supported social causes that included the right to gay marriage or abortion—and along another wall if they did not.

As you might guess, biblical values and those who stood for them were perceived to be “oppressive.”

Although there is more to this story, it is safe to say that this college has become a model that other colleges are beginning to emulate. (God help us.) It gives us a glimpse into the type of challenges our children are likely to face as they leave the shelter of our homes.

This is not the future I envisioned for those sweet babies I once held in my arms….

A Mothers Heart

It’s okay if your dream is to be a good wife and mother.

Raising children is a noble profession. In many ways, our future depends upon it. Somewhere along the way, our culture has lost sight of just how important motherhood and fatherhood really are.

Charles Spurgeon said it well…

hands holding gift

5 Gift Ideas for Homeschool Families

Homeschool moms are notorious for giving educational resources to their children on birthdays and for Christmas.

I’ve bought a few such items myself (with mixed responses from my sons depending upon what type of item I purchased.) I thought perhaps I could share with you a few of the gifts I’ve given over the years that my sons have thoroughly enjoyed….

Healing broken fatherhood

Healing Broken Fatherhood

God gave us the gift of family. But when a father’s heart is not turned toward his children, that gift becomes distorted.

His family suffers a loss that is difficult to overcome. For some, it is devastating.

And the pain often carries into the next generations….

The Mommy Book Gives

The Mommy Book Gives

In a twinkling, all the cares of this world will pass away, and we will stand before the Lord.

In that moment, the only work that will matter is the work done for Him.

We strive to keep that truth foremost in our minds as we make choices as to how we will allocate our resources.

On this page, we will highlight ministries we have found to be effective in spreading the Gospel and trustworthy in caring for the least of these.



Have you ever wondered how books are printed?
We’re excited to release our first children’s hardcover book. And we’re praying that mommies everywhere will read it to their little ones at bedtime, and that little ones will fall asleep knowing how precious and chosen they are!

If you’ve ever wanted to take a little peek “behind the scenes,” here’s a little pictorial journal of the printing of I’d Rather Be Your Mommy.

Mark Your Child with Love


How can you be intentional about building your relationship with your child?

It seems a little ironic that such an important facet of our lives — our family relationships — often receive so little strategic planning.

To be a skillful father, you must be intentional.

every father leaves his mark

A Father’s Mark

Every father leaves his mark on his child. That mark can impact generations.

My father became my dear friend before he passed into eternity, but we had a difficult history.

He didn’t become a believer until late in life.

Before choosing to follow Jesus, he made some choices that were incredibly destructive to our family. Those choices left marks of anger, rejection, and abandonment….

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