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3 Tips to Help You Overcome Overwhelm, Clutter, & Chaos

3 Tips to Overcome Overwhelm, Clutter, and Chaos

Do you feel overwhelmed? Is your environment making you a little crazy? Do you worry about whether you’re giving the people you love the attention they need?

With the flood of demands and opportunities that rush toward us, it’s easy to be swept away….

As the manager of my home, often the first challenge I face is just getting quiet enough to ask the question: “What is most important right now?”

If you find yourself asking the same question, I have three concepts to help you clear away clutter, expedite meal preparation, and invest in family relationships. Continue reading 3 Tips to Help You Overcome Overwhelm, Clutter, & Chaos

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Habits overcome habits.

Habits Overcome Habits

Attention Required

As creatures of habit, we move through our days without even thinking about many of our actions. But, if we’re seeking to maximize our productivity, we need to turn off autopilot and start paying attention.

Although we don’t want to become self-absorbed, we do need to become self-aware.  Continue reading DON’T EAT THAT FROG — PART 3