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Do you have a soundtrack for your life?

Songs you listen to when you feel victorious? Songs that bring comfort when you’re feeling blue? Songs to give you energy when you clean house or exercise?

Music has an amazing ability to influence our moods, which, in turn, can influence our actions. That’s powerful.

We would be wise to educate our children on the power of music. Continue reading EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN ON THE POWER OF MUSIC

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THE WINDOW (Hebrews 2:3)

Hebrews 2:3

How Shall We Escape (Hebrews 2:3)

Although muted by the blind’s wooden slats, enough natural light filters in through my bedroom window to sustain my vision as I read and reflect upon Hebrews 2:3.

“[H]ow shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?”


What does that really mean?

What’s so great about salvation?

Continue reading THE WINDOW (Hebrews 2:3)

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Our adventure opens upon a battlefield. The year is 585 BC. Lydian soldiers clash with Medes. Blood flows; men die.

After six grueling years of engagement, weary families wonder whether the fighting will ever end. An ominous rumor ripples across the field. The philosopher Thales had made a frightening prediction. Suddenly, the sky grows dark. Continue reading MEET THALES —THE FATHER OF WESTERN PHILOSOPHY

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Before Mere Christianity — C.S. Lewis Vintage Broadcast Talks

Imagine you live in a flat in London, and it’s 1941.

It’s night. As you hear the now familiar drone of propellers, you brace yourself. Within minutes, bombs drop from the skies and explosions erupt. You feel helpless, hopeless, and an overwhelming sense of impending doom.

When at last it’s quiet , you fumble your way to the radio, your hand shaking as you turn the dial. A calm, reassuring voice fills the room, delivering the first of what will be a series of radio broadcast talks. This one is titled: “Right and Wrong: A clue to the meaning of the universe.” Continue reading Before Mere Christianity — C.S. Lewis Vintage Broadcast Talks

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Why study philosophy?

Philosophy impacts us in unexpected ways…

Most of us underestimate the relevance of philosophy. But whether we realize it or not, philosophers’ ideas have a profound impact on our daily lives.

In fact, philosophers are the world’s idea men—and their ideas are the real movers and shakers of history.

Today, there is a form of philosophy that has effectively undercut freedom and dignity within our culture. And that philosophy creeps into our lives under our radar, without us even detecting it. Continue reading Why study philosophy?