“Heaven” by Renee (Smock) Higgins

“Heaven” by Renee (Smock) Higgins


One student's creative writing exercise from Creative Freewriting Adventure

The trip to Heaven was just as fast as I had imagined it would be. In the blink of an eye, my spirit was whisked before a mighty gate. I instantly felt warm and light. I immediately wanted to sing. I spontaneously wanted to dance. I surprisingly wanted to… laugh?

Before me stood the most amusing scene… a scene that had been so familiar to me on earth as a child, but now seemed comical here… comical, but infinitely beautiful.

For, sitting just within the bounds of Heaven, sat Mrs. Sali- the woman who had served as our town’s Wal-Mart greeter some fifteen years before. She seemed the same as she had then.

Her plump figure and the crow’s feet around her eyes hadn’t changed one bit. Even the faint shadow of a mustache still lurked about her laughing mouth. She was the same woman… and yet… something was different.

But I couldn’t put my finger on what that difference was… not until she spoke.

“Renee, my child,” she sang out to me. Her voice, which had been soft and sweet on earth, seemed enhanced. It was pure. It was snow. It was gold.

Her eyes too were changed. While they had sparkled on earth, now they glowed, shone, with a brightness quite unlike any earthly light had ever produced.

“Mrs. Sali?” I questioned. Though I knew it was her.

“Don’t you recognize me, dear one?” Her voice climbed musically and her face illuminated as she said, “Welcome to Super Wal-Mart, where all you’ve ever needed can be found, every tear you’ve ever cried can be dried, every hurt you’ve ever felt can be healed, and the One who loves You most can be found in every aisle.”

She slowly walked over to where I stood, grabbed my hand, and led me through those golden gates.

“Welcome to Heaven,” she whispered softly in my ear.

I looked up into her face and didn’t notice the flaws anymore. All blemishes were drowned out by the kindness that radiated around her being like a halo.

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