Do you need a day of rest?

Do you need a day of rest?

Are you ready for a day of rest?
Are you ready for a day of rest?

You want to be a loving, joyful, peaceful momma, but you’re exhausted. The demands on your time and energy feel relentless.

You need a chance to catch your breath—but you feel guilty. There's still so much work waiting to be done.

You need a day of rest.

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Do you need a day of rest?

I understand.

I’ve felt overloaded and overwhelmed many times, too.

But during the season when I was homeschooling and writing Philosophy Adventure, something amazing happened.

It forever transformed my perspective on rest....

A Private Miracle

In June of 2012, I arrived at our state homeschool convention with a box of books purged from our home library.

I brought them to an elderly gentleman who was operating a used bookstore in the vendor hall. He slipped a pair of reading glasses from the pocket of his plaid shirt and bent to examine our books.

While I waited for him to finish, I scanned the rows of tall wooden shelves, wondering what new treasures I would find.

A few moments later, he removed his glasses and returned them to his pocket. Then he handed me a generous store credit and smiled.

What happened next was just the sort of personalized encounter that had gradually persuaded me to kneel and commit my life to Jesus. Some would dismiss it as a “coincidence,” but I immediately recognized it as a private miracle.

As I moved toward the History, Philosophy, and Theology Section  for a closer look, a certain vintage volume caught my eye. Elegantly displayed in gilded script on the spine was the title: Day of Rest, followed by “Stacy.” (Apparently, the author’s name was also Stacy.)


An Invitation to Rest

I was stunned. In that moment, I had the distinct impression that my Heavenly Father had graciously invited me to a “Day of Rest, Stacy.”

It was a perfectly-timed, desperately-needed message.

My writing schedule was incredibly intense and hard to regulate. Most days started at 3:00 a.m. and often didn’t end until late at night.

I needed this invitation impressed upon me in a way that would make it unforgettable. It granted me “permission” to take a guilt-free day of rest each week.

Without rest, I begin to lose sight of the bigger picture. My productivity tanks. I'm more likely to eat “garbage” and become irritable. (Can you relate?)

No doubt, the freedom to take a day of rest has protected both my health and my relationships.

Some Practical Ways to Rest

For me, a day of rest is a time when I have permission to:

  • take a nap
  • read a book
  • take a luxuriously long shower or bath
  • go for a walk
  • join my family on a disc golf excursion
  • snuggle with my husband or my cat.

Basically, it's permission to rejuvenate — whatever that looks like (as long as it doesn't violate God's Word).

A Simple Plan

Do you know how to rest?

It's actually pretty simple. A bit of preparation goes a long way.

Put a date on the calendar and do three things before it arrives:

  1. Pray - for wisdom about what really needs to be done.
  2. Work - do all that you can do and then…
  3. Trust - let go and leave the outcome of your efforts in His capable hands.

A Legacy

Will your children remember you as the crabby momma who was always too busy?

Or will you be the joyful momma who napped when she needed to, acknowledged her limitations, and patiently loved her family.

You will be more effective, clear-headed, and loving toward those who depend on you if you allow yourself to recharge.

Go ahead! Take a day of rest, Momma.

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