Fierce Killer Turned Gentle Evangelist Goes Home

Fierce Killer Turned Gentle Evangelist Goes Home


Mincaye departed this world on April 28, 2020.

What we see in a mirror dimly, he now sees face to face (1 Corinthians 13:12).

In honor of his passing, I share this excerpt—one of the many inspiring stories I encountered while researching and writing Walking with the Waodani.

Costly Seed

Christian apologist Tertullian (c. 155–c. 240 AD) is quoted as saying:

"The blood of the martyrs
is the seed of the church."

Do you know the story of Operation Auca?

Five men laid down their lives for the Waodani. Their blood planted seed that ultimately grew so abundantly that it reached around the world!


In End of the Spear, Steve Saint explains what happened when the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association invited him and two of his Waodani friends to speak at an international conference for Christian evangelists.

More than 11,000 delegates from 209 countries attended the conference—more countries than the United Nations had ever assembled in one place!

One of those Waodani friends who spoke at the conference was Mincaye, the man who had speared Steve Saint's father years before.


Mincaye told the attendees how—at the time when he killed Nate Saint—the only life he and his people knew was one of hating and killing.

"My heart was black and sick in sin, but then I heard that God sent His own Son.

His blood dripping and dripping, He washed my heart clean.

Now I live well!

Now you—God followers from all over the dirt—now I see you well because you are truly my brothers ...

God's blood having washed your hearts clean, too."


Mincaye finished speaking. Steve asked the delegates to stand if the "Auca Story" had affected them in some significant way.

Steve was amazed to see thousands stand and applaud.

Truly, God is "Lord of the harvest" (Matt. 9:38).


The courageous and selfless love recounted within the pages of Walking with the Waodani provide a glimpse into the amazing impact the Gospel had upon the Waodani people.

It took me years and several missed deadlines to finish writing Walking with the Waodani.

My heart was broken—yet inspired—as I read the bittersweet background of the Waodani Warriors and the Saint Family.

I hope you dig in and discover for yourself (and with your family) the amazing stories captured within the pages of this book.

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