Making the Most of High School with CollegePlus — Part 7

Making the Most of High School with CollegePlus — Part 7

CollegePlus reimagined as Lumerit Scholar
CollegePlus reimagined as Lumerit Scholar

UPDATE: Lumerit was recently acquired by Pearson Education.

College Plus Reimagined As Lumerit Scholar

We'll start with a little history...

In the beginning, CollegePlus....

CollegePlus started helping students earn their bachelor’s degrees for a fraction of the cost of traditional college back in 2004. They introduced students to CLEP and instructed them how to earn flexible, transferable credit.

Since that time, CollegePlus has made many refinements. It responded to student feedback and the myriad changes taking place in higher education. Each change brought new benefits to students and increased the effectiveness of the program.

Recognizing the need to equip students to become leaders who can positively impact society, CollegePlus added a leadership component to the program. The effectiveness of coaches was enhanced by cross-training in academic and life coaching. The Student Life department created a thriving student community.

Throughout all of these changes, the primary goal was to help students launch into life without the financial baggage of college debt and with the credentials and experiences they need to be successful.

A Time of Transformation

Beginning in 2015, CollegePlus quietly began another transformation.

Its parent company, Global Learning Resources, rebranded to Lumerit Education. This set the stage for dramatic growth and new opportunities in higher education.

Stepping back to examine the existing organization, the leaders of Lumerit Education sought to answer two key questions:

  • What it would look like to truly reimagine the college experience?
  • How do we create a program that seamlessly fits into the busy lives of our students without sacrificing the cost savings, leadership development, and student community of our current program?

Lumerit Scholar Unbound retains best of the features previously developed over the past 12 years:

  • Customized degree planning with an Academic Advisor
  • Connection to the Student Life Community
  • Unlimited credit-by-exam support

While students also have the option of regular calls with Academic Life Coaches and enrollment in the Signature Leadership Courses, now these features PLUS new ones have been combined into three tiers of service: Part Time, Full Time, and Unlimited.

With these three unique packages, students can choose the level of enrollment that best fits their schedules and budget.

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