Have you ever wondered how books are printed?
We’re excited to release our first children’s hardcover book. And we’re praying that mommies everywhere will read it to their little ones at bedtime, and that little ones will fall asleep knowing how precious and chosen they are!

If you’ve ever wanted to take a little peek “behind the scenes,” here’s a little pictorial journal of the printing of I’d Rather Be Your Mommy.

Mark Your Child with Love


How can you be intentional about building your relationship with your child?

It seems a little ironic that such an important facet of our lives — our family relationships — often receive so little strategic planning.

To be a skillful father, you must be intentional.

every father leaves his mark

A Father’s Mark

Every father leaves his mark on his child. That mark can impact generations.

My father became my dear friend before he passed into eternity, but we had a difficult history.

He didn’t become a believer until late in life.

Before choosing to follow Jesus, he made some choices that were incredibly destructive to our family. Those choices left marks of anger, rejection, and abandonment….

A Study of Worldviews with Lumerit

Making the Most of High School with CollegePlus — PART 5

Do your children see the world through the lens of Scripture?

Everyone has a worldview.

It is the “lens” through which we view everything around us.

Most people blindly accept theirs from the culture in which they live. However, Christians are called to cultivate a biblical worldview.

storytime with Southern Plate's Christy Jordan

Storytime with Southern Plate’s Christy Jordan

Have you met Christy yet?

Christy Jordan is a serious Christ follower, and we are honored that she chose to share the sweetest reading of I’d Rather Be Your Mommy on her delightful blog,

C.S. Lewis Original Recording

Before Mere Christianity

magine you live in a flat in London, and it’s 1941.

It’s night. As you hear the now familiar drone of propellers, you brace yourself. Within minutes, bombs drop from the skies and explosions erupt.

You feel helpless, hopeless, and an overwhelming sense of impending doom.

When at last it’s quiet, you fumble your way to the radio. Your hand shakes as you turn it on and dial in the station.

Suddenly, a calm, reassuring voice fills the room …

when boys become men


My homeschool mentor warned me, “One day, you may want to stop calling Roger and Ryan your boys and start calling them your sons.” I’m so grateful for her wise words.

Plotting a course

Making the Most of High School with CollegePlus — Part 3

Plotting a course for life after high school can be a daunting task.

Although some people know from an early age exactly what they “want to be when they grow up,” that seems to be the exception, rather than the rule.

woman looking into a mirror

Don’t Run from the Mirror — Why You Need to Teach!

Is everything is going well in your homeschool now? Just wait. If your experience is anything like many of us, the day will come when you encounter difficulty and discouragement in your homeschool. When you do, you’ll be faced with a critical choice: run … or overcome.


Making the Most of High School with CollegePlus — Part 2

Have you ever had a wonderful opportunity derail your lesson plans?

The days are long but the years are short.

Making the Most of High School with CollegePlus — Part 1

How can we make the most of these final days of homeschooling?

Unbelievable as it may seem, my firstborn son is now a high school senior and his brother is a junior. Where did the years go?

In the joyful chaos that was my life after my second son was born a mere 19 months after my first, a dear friend warned me, “The days are long but the years are short.” Looking back to that day now, I marvel at the truth of her statement.

Russell spear fishing

Walking with the Waodani – Part 2 – The Lost Spear

Russell went spear fishing for the first time with a new friend who took him diving on Salinas coast in Ecuador. The second time Russell went spear fishing was quite a different experience. 🙂

He tells the story in the video shared below…

Leaving and landing

Walking with the Waodani – Part 1

The Invitation

Imagine you have friends of all ages (and you do, don’t you?).

One friend in particular — who happens to be 70 years old — is thinking about moving to Ecuador when he retires. He wants to explore the country, and he invited you to travel with him.

You’ve always wanted to explore the world. Ecuador seems like a fine place to start, so you accept his invitation.

Exotic Ecuador

As your departure date approaches, you decide to learn everything you can about this exotic country.

  • What kind of people live here?
  • What do they like to eat?
  • What do they do for fun?
  • What is it like to live in the jungle?

Perhaps you’ll learn how to use a blow gun … or wade into the piranha-infested river for a little spear fishing.

You’re incredibly excited — and perhaps just the slightest bit nervous.

You’ve never been away from home for more than a few days, and on this trip you’ll be gone for seven weeks! Wow! That will be quite a change.

As you grab your backpack, you wonder whether you’ll be a different person in some ways by the time you return. Hmm…

I guess it’s time to pack!

Meet Russell Winter

The scenario you just imagined really happened to homeschool graduate Russell Winter.

The invitation to travel came from his 70-year-old friend, Gary Moon.

Russell and his family met Gary when they served together at the Creation Museum. Retirement was fast approaching for Gary, and he was seriously considering moving to Ecuador.  Thinking he might explore the country a bit beforehand, he invited Russell to travel with him.

In the following clip, Russell tells us what happened next….

Ready for Adventure?

The blog posts in this series are companion pieces to Walking with the Waodani.

In Part 2, we’ll learn about Russell’s experience spear-fishing in the piranha-infested waters of the Amazon River!

Go to Part 2 of Walking with the Waodani Now

colorful bird in flight leaving the nest

Preparing our children to fulfill God’s purpose

We pour our hearts into preparing our children to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

We love them deeply, intimately, sacrificially.

We know there is a time to shelter … a time to prepare … and a time to release.

Yet, when the time comes, it can be incredibly hard to let them go….

Elisabeth Elliot

In Memory of Elisabeth Elliot’s Homecoming

A humble hero went home.

On June 15, 2015, Elisabeth Elliot went home to be with the Lord.  Inspiring tributes to this humble hero abound.

The impact of her life—lived faithfully for Christ—reaches across borders and generations….

Creative Freewriting for the Persecuted Church

A Simple and Painless Scripture Memory Resource — Philippians in 28 Weeks

When I think about how the Bible is banned in many countries…and about how countless believers have sacrificed their freedom and even their lives to spread the message of God’s love and salvation…another question naturally arises:

Are we exercising our freedom responsibly?

Why study philosophy?

Why study philosophy?

Most of us underestimate the relevance of philosophy. But whether we realize it or not, philosophers’ ideas have a profound impact on our daily lives.

In fact, philosophers are the world’s idea men—and their ideas are the real movers and shakers of history.

Today, there is a form of philosophy that has effectively undercut freedom and dignity within our culture. And that philosophy creeps into our lives under our radar, without us even detecting it….


“Heaven” by Renee (Smock) Higgins

The trip to Heaven was just as fast as I had imagined it would be.
In the blink of an eye, my spirit was whisked before a mighty gate.

I instantly felt warm and light. I immediately wanted to sing. I spontaneously wanted to dance. I surprisingly wanted to… laugh?

Before me stood the most amusing scene… a scene that had been so familiar to me on earth as a child, but now seemed comical here… comical, but infinitely beautiful.

(One student’s creative writing exercise from Creative Freewriting Adventure.)

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