Preparing our children to fulfill God’s purpose

Preparing our children to fulfill God’s purpose

colorful bird in flight leaving the nest
colorful bird in flight leaving the nest

One day they will fly.

We pour our hearts into preparing our children to fulfill God's purpose for their lives.

We love them deeply, intimately, sacrificially.

We know there is a time to shelter ... a time to prepare ... and a time to release.

Yet, when the time comes, it can be incredibly hard to let them go....

Who is this guy?

When my teen-aged sons told me they wanted to play airsoft at an event hosted by a young man named Russell, I immediately started asking questions:

  • Who is this guy?
  • Where did you meet him?
  • Who else will be there?

I can be more than “a little” protective. But that's my job as a parent, right?

Growing but not grown

My husband and I have homeschooled Roger and Ryan from the start. They’ve been blessed with wonderful friends.

Over time, I've come to appreciate my sons' growing abilities to make wise decisions about relationships.

But I’d never met Russell, so I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about dropping my sons off at his house and driving away.

However, my apprehension soon turned to delight….

God invites His children on amazing adventures!

Russell greeted us with a big smile—and safety instructions. It was quickly evident he knew how to run the airsoft game, and that Roger and Ryan would be in good hands (and have a blast). 

Later, when I picked them up, Russell's father told me Russell had just returned from a most amazing adventure.

Killer Turned Evangelist

Russell and Gary Moon, a 70-year-old friend of the family, had traveled for seven weeks through the cities and jungles of Ecuador.

The highlight of their trip was meeting Mincaye—the last surviving Waodani Indian from the raiding party that killed five Christian missionaries in 1956.

(Mincaye stepped out of this world and into Heaven on April 28, 2020.)

My sons had read biographies of two of those missionary martyrs: Jim Elliot and Nate Saint.

I realized that Russell's adventure had the potential to inspire homeschoolers (especially parents).

So began a years-long process of researching and writing the story of Russell's adventure.

If you love a good story ...

Walking with the Waodani and its companion blog series, chronicles Russell and Gary's experience.

(Russell confessed that sometimes he had trouble keeping up with 70-year-old Gary, despite the fact that Gary was more than 50 years his senior!)

It also retells the tragic yet beautiful story that inspired thousands to join the mission fields.

And, it tells the amazing story of the birth and transformation of the Waodani Christians.

God is trustworthy.

As parents, we know these precious children we hold so close must one day be released to fly on their own.

Not all of our children will travel miles from home and venture deep into the Amazon jungle. But Russell’s experience reminds us that God really is trustworthy.

He loves our children even more than we do.

And “His arm is not too short” to reach them—wherever they go!

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  1. That is so so cool! Sewing now, praying for the reaping in 8 years as this family has enjoyed with their son.

    1. Yes, Nicole! We’re nearing the end of the homeschool journey over here with one son in his junior year and another in his senior year. It’s an incredible privilege to travel this path. And then, one day, they strike out on adventures of their own!

  2. My son Aaron and I enjoyed spending time with Russell and Gary on the trip. I thought then how proud his parents must be. Living proof of the fact that Our Faithis made manifest by our obedience to the word of God. Keep going Russ.

    1. GARY ALFORD! Good to hear from you. I still remember what you were teaching me about boxing and KO’s. Haha

      Hope all is well with you and Aaron(Mr. Big Beard)…

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