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As you try to concentrate, another matter intrudes upon your thoughts. Last night, you had a fight with your parents, and you know that you didn’t honor them. Today, you find yourself rationalizing your response. You are angry because you don’t feel fully respected by them. Still, you know that doesn’t excuse your behavior.

Honestly, you’d like to forget the whole incident, especially as you anticipate this party. Yet it keeps replaying in your mind, making you feel uneasy….

—excerpt taken from the FREE Christmas Freewriting

We get so caught up in the rush of Christmas activity, it is easy to lose sight of the miracle of the day. It’s a day we celebrate the birthday of the God who said His greatest commandment was to love Him and love each other.

In some families, Christmas can be a day when disappointment runs high, tempers flare, and old wounds are reopened.

Although we can’t control what other people say or do, we can prayerfully consider how we will respond. This Christmas Freewriting helps us stop and think about what really matters today and every day. It challenges us to bring our best to Jesus.

You might be surprised by these creative freewriting exercises.

Good writing most often results from much rewriting, and much rewriting can make a writer weary.

Students who use our biblical worldview curriculum, Creative-Freewriting-AdventurePhilosophy Adventure™, polish one primary writing assignment over the course of several weeks. At the end of their labor, most are amazed by the quality of the writing they produce.

However, we realized there are great benefits in offsetting the hard work of formal writing with a bit of play. So we created the Creative Freewriting Adventure.

As students completed their freewritings, we quickly discovered that even those who didn’t think of themselves as creative or considered themselves “non-writers” produced surprisingly creative work using these exercises. (Some parents even joined in the fun!)

No prep required. Just grab a pen and paper, set a timer, and have fun!

Christmas Creative Writing
We are delighted to offer an excerpt from Creative Freewriting Adventure — “The Ultimate Christmas Party” — as a Christmas gift for our subscribers.


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