What people are saying…

What people are saying…

...about Philosophy Adventure:

“In all my years of research, seldom have I picked up a book on philosophy and felt that I couldn’t put it down. That changed when I encountered Philosophy Adventure…. I highly recommend Philosophy Adventure to students and educators!”

Linda Hobar

“User friendly, solid biblically, academically sound, and culturally relevant, Stacy Farrell has done an excellent job putting together this comprehensive curriculum exploring the history of philosophy to help our children discern and defend truth.”

Tracy Klicka


...about The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions:


...about Creative Freewriting Adventure:


...about the Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal:

“There has never been a mind quite like C. S. Lewis … Stacy Farrell has done a great service by providing insightful study questions for students and adults who want to work critically through this Christian masterpiece.”

Israel Wayne

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