Win a Waodani Spear and Blow Gun

Win an Authentic Waodani Spear and Blow Gun

We are celebrating our newest release — Walking with the Waodani — by giving away an authentic Waodani blow gun and spear!

How cool is that?



Walking with the Waodani will introduce your family to amazing people and places, meals and markets, animals and agriculture, and worlds and worldviews of the country of Ecuador — as experienced through the eyes of a homeschool graduate.

  • Read the story of the five martyred missionaries of Operation Auca.
  • Hear how Jesus transformed a savage killer into a humble evangelist — and fostered a deep and abiding love between a young man and the warrior who murdered his father.
  • Review an exotic recipe for giant grubs, and learn about a stealthy, blood-sucker and other jungle creatures.

This unit study is filled with stunning photographs and exciting stories, notebooking pages, creative writing, and much more!

Want a peek inside? Get the Walking with the Waodani Preview: