Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal Endorsements



Israel Wayne

“There has never been a mind quite like C. S. Lewis … Stacy Farrell has done a great service by providing insightful study questions for students and adults who want to work critically through this Christian masterpiece.”

Israel Wayne

Author of Questions God Asks and Homeschooling From A Biblical Worldview, Editor for
Hal & Melanie Young

“Stacy Farrell hits another home run with the Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal. With insightful questions and thoughtful responses, she’ll guide students into thinking deeply about the most important issues of life while reading C.S. Lewis’s classic defense of Christianity.”

Hal & Melanie Young

Authors of Raising Real Men and My Beloved and My Friend
James Stobaugh

“Stacy’s ability to demystify the most complicated theological concept with the simplest question is extraordinary: 'Would you rather a person pretended to be nice when they were actually nasty? Why or why not?' I highly recommend this vital contribution to the study of the works of the great C. S. Lewis.”

Dr. James Stobaugh

For Such A Time As This Ministries
Michael Phillips

“Between two bookends on a shelf above my desk sit the handful of books that have been most influential in my walk with God. In the center, honored above all the rest, is C. S. Lewis’s classic, Mere Christianity. I have read five or six times, more often than I have read any other book. My recommendation of Mere Christianity, and this excellent study-journal based on it, is enthusiastic and unqualified.”

Michael Phillips

Best selling Christian Author, Father of the
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