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Valerie McClintick endorses The Mommy Book“I’d Rather Be Your Mommy celebrates the blessings of motherhood and reassures young children of their God-given value.  With engaging illustrations and narrative text, this keepsake reminds children just how deeply they treasured….it will soon become a favorite during storytime!”
— Valerie Valerie McClintick, Publisher,



Amy Roberts endorses The Mommy Book

“This book will make you want to curl up on the couch with your little ones and share a precious time of celebrating their lives and the moment you became their mommy.”
—Amy Roberts, Author/Speaker, 



Malia Russell endorses The Mommy Book“I’d Rather Be Your Mommy is a precious little book that delightful for my son and me to read together. We laughed out loud, we shared tender moments, and learned a few things in the course of reading this short book. (“What’s Mars Mama?”) Daniel (age 4) and I give our happy endorsement.”
— Malia Russell, Owner,


Kendra Fletcher“In all my years of mothering a house full of children, during all the triumphant days and even the most frustrating ones, I’ve never wanted my kids to feel as if I wished I were someplace else, doing something else. Stacy’s beautiful and satisfying book communicates exactly what I want my children to know: I’d rather be their mother than anything else in the world.”
—Kendra Fletcher, Author/Speaker, 


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