What people are saying about Philosophy Adventure:

What people are saying about Philosophy Adventure:


“Stacy Farrell does a good job of introducing young people (6th-12th grade) to the world of ideas -- ideas that are crucial to understand because they continue to shape our world and the way people think. ”

Nancy Pearcey endorses Philosophy Adventure

—Nancy Pearcey, Christian Apologist & Award-winning Author


“In all my years of research, seldom have I picked up a book on philosophy and felt that I couldn't put it down. That changed when I encountered Philosophy Adventure. I highly recommend Philosophy Adventure to students and educators! ”


Linda Lacour Hobar

—Linda Lacour Hobar
Author of The Mystery of History






“The Philosophy Adventure: Pre-Socratics course makes the study of philosophy very accessible, even to students as young as sixth grade. The worldview component provides the balance so often lacking in other philosophy courses. Farrell has clearly spent many years developing and presenting this course material to be able to present such a comprehensive presentation.
I can’t wait to see what she does with Plato and Aristotle!”

Cathy Duffy

—Cathy Duffy
Author of 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum




“One of my greatest fears when I started homeschooling was, ‘How do I prepare my kids to stand strong in a changing world around them? How do I help them discern manmade philosophies that are contrary to the Scriptures?’ My secular education in the public school exposed me to philosophy, but certainly not from a biblical perspective. I knew I was wholly inadequate to teach my children in this area! Thankfully, Philosophy Adventure was written to help homeschooling parents teach their children to do these very things. User friendly, solid biblically, academically sound, and culturally relevant, Stacy Farrell has done an excellent job putting together this comprehensive curriculum exploring the history of philosophy to help our children discern and defend truth. If we want them to be salt and light they must be able to do this. With Philosophy Adventure, they can. I only wish this curriculum was written when my children were younger!”

Tracy Klicka—Tracy Klicka
Director of Development, Home School Foundation
Homeschooling speaker, writer, and blogger





“When Paul urges us not to be blown about by every wind of doctrine, a knowledge of what drives those winds will blunt their impact. Philosophy Adventure will give students a grasp of the foundations of Western philosophical thought and do it in an accessible and engaging way, but even more, its integrated approach will give your students the rhetorical skills to communicate the important differences between that which is 'falsely-called wisdom' and a truly Biblical worldview. Philosophy Adventure is more than a course on thinkers, it's a course in how to think for yourself and how to effectively share those thoughts with others. And it's a course you and your students won't be able to put down!”


Hal & Melanie Young

—Hal & Melanie Young
Authors of Raising Real Men
2011 Christian Small Publishers Book of the Year


“Many parents desire to teach their children about philosophy, but don't know how to introduce them to the subject without exposing them to harmful myths and deception. Philosophy Adventure™ approaches the history and ideas of the philosophers from within the lens of a critical, Biblical worldview. I'm very impressed with what Stacy Farrell has put together.”

Tracy Klicka—Israel Wayne
Author of Homeschooling From A Biblical Worldview
Editor for ChristianWorldview.net



“If philosophy is the love of wisdom, then Philosophy Adventure is a course to love for your teen children. This captivating overview of pre-Socratic philosophers not only will help instill a love for knowledge and wisdom in your child's heart and mind, but even more it will fuel the growing flames of faith and Christian worldview at a critical point in your child's life.

“What makes this course especially distinctive is its trust in the Christian student—encouraging your child to interact with all knowledge (the history and views of philosophers who have shaped thinking), and then helping them to ‘make a defense...for the hope that is in them’ from Scripture and reason. Thoughtfully-designed writing, thinking, and speaking exercises biblically equip your child to make their beliefs their own. Beautifully-designed interior pages make philosophy both more appealing and easier to learn.

“This is the kind of wholehearted learning that fueled our own family's love of learning. I heartily recommend this adventure.”


Clay Clarkson—Clay Clarkson
Whole Heart Ministries
Author of Educating the WholeHearted Child



“Philosophy Adventure is sure to engage the attention of every 21st century student, young and old. I encourage parents to check out this curriculum, not only for their children, but for themselves as well, that all families may cultivate a love of wisdom.”


Jay Ryan

—Jay Ryan
Homeschool Dad, Author of Moonfinder and Signs & Seasons



"How pleasant and sustaining a thought that as comprehensive and well-conceived a resource as Philosophy Adventure exists. Bravo, Mrs. Farrell, for blessing this generation with a superb pedagogical tool that demystifies a corpus of long neglected western philosophy. Such a work is long overdue."


James Stobaugh

—Dr. James Stobaugh
For Such A Time As This Ministries




“At earlier times in history, Christians had the luxury of being able to ignore the formal discipline of philosophy. However, if the events of the last hundred years have shown us anything it is that philosophical ideas have practical consequences. It is therefore imperative that Christian students be equipped with the tools for understanding philosophy.

“Philosophy Adventure™ helps towards this end by mediating complex ideas to high school students. The first volume presents the rich legacy of the pre-Socratics in an exciting, accessible manner.

“Philosophy Adventure mediates complex ideas to high school students. The first volume presents the rich legacy of the pre-Socratics in an exciting, accessible manner. The thing I like so much about it is that Stacy Farrell brings ancient philosophy alive through activities that facilitate student interaction. I have also been impressed by the interdisciplinary aspect of the project, which successfully integrates philosophy with history, science, mathematics, geography, logic and the Bible.”


Robin Phillips—Robin M. Phillips
PhD student at King’s College, London
Author of Saints and Scoundrels
Columnist for the Chuck Colson Center




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