Philosophy Adventure Reviews

Philosophy Adventure Reviews


Philosophy Adventure Volume One

Cathy Duffy reviewed Philosophy Adventure and the supplemental resources:

The Philosophy Adventure: Pre-Socratics course makes the study of philosophy very accessible, even to students as young as sixth grade. The worldview component provides the balance so often lacking in other philosophy courses. Farrell has clearly spent many years developing and presenting this course material to be able to present such a comprehensive presentation. I can’t wait to see what she does with Plato and Aristotle! (read the review)

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine reviewed Philosophy Adventure in its 2014 Annual Print Edition:

The curriculum includes history and geography; logic and critical thinking; vocabulary and composition; presentation and persuasion; primary sources, apologetics, and worldview. If you want to help your child grow strong roots in God's Word and a Biblical worldview, I urge you to check out Stacy Farrell's Philosophy Adventure today.— Bonnie Rose Hudson, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (read the review)

Home Educating Family reviewed Philosophy Adventure on its blog:

While I had never considered including philosophy in our homeschool, I was pleasantly surprised by how Philosophy Adventure opened up this subject to us in ways I didn’t expect. Combining research, writing, and speaking with creative and thought-provoking lessons from history make Philosophy Adventure much more than a philosophy course. —Ann Campbell, Home Educating Family 

Teri Ann Berg Olsen @ Knowledge House:

Philosophy Adventure is the most interactive curriculum I’ve seen that isn’t a DVD or computer program. The user-friendly layout, visually appealing pages, conversational text, colorfulimages, interesting stories, and challenging exercises are engaging and easy to follow. You and your student both will be fascinated by these lessons on the philosophers as you enjoy studying them from a Christian worldview and then writing and speaking about their ideas. (read the review)

 Carrie @ Homeschool Giveaways

We are super excited to use Philosophy Adventure™ next year for ninth grade! I have come to know and dearly love the author of this curriculum and you will treasure it as one of your favorite homeschool curriculum resources! (read the review)

Melanie @

Stacy Farrell is a meticulous researcher who writes accounts of these ancient thinkers, and their effects on Western thought, that are both fascinating and articulate. She is able to grab the reader’s attention thoroughly at the beginnings of each chapter, and keep that attention engrossed throughout the course work and the writing activities. (read the review)

 Jen @

[Philosophy Adventure™] teaches history, geography, memory skills, writing, speech, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and research skills. It challenges them to think, walks them through logical communication, and how to create timelines, maps, and beautiful notebooks. Completing the full course provides multiple credit options. (read the review)

 Diane @ Cabin in the Woods

A wealth of information is found in the back of the main text that deals with all the information you and your child needs for the writing and speech assignments. I'm speaking specifically of the checklist and creative writing sections. Here you will find all the 'meaty' information about pre-writing, brainstorming, selecting sources, polishing, critiques, and so much more. (read the review)

 One Big, Healthy Family

This program is not boring in any way, it is written in an easy to understand manner and has great little memorable tidbits hidden inside.  (read the review)

Jennifer @ Conversaving

Overall, I was very impressed with the materials and think it would make an excellent co-op class for high school students. I think this material would be excellent for group discussions and would probably generate some great conversations among the students. I think we will probably use this material again in high school due to the deep nature of the topics. I really liked the focus on speech writing and free writing, things I feel are not well-covered in other writing materials. (read the review)

Gena @ I Choose Joy

 Stacy had a goal in writing Philosophy Adventure™–to make it engaging, easy to use, and empowering.  I feel she succeeded on all three accounts!  I was curious about this curriculum, which is why I chose to review it.  But I will admit that I expected it to be a bit boring.  I have never studied philosophy before, and didn’t think that it could be interesting!  I really do love this curriculum.  I have already reccommended it to our co-op for possible use for the high-schoolers for next year.  I think it’s important (very important) for all Christian kids to study what you will find in this curriculum.  Even if you don’t homeschool.  You could even do it as a summer study! (read the review)

 Cindy @ Our Journey Westward

For most of us who studied philosophy in high school or college, yes, our classes were anything but Christian. Misleading, worldly, tempting, humanistic and me-centered are just a few of the words I would use to describe the philosophy courses I was forced to take. Will your children be forced to take philosophy classes in college? Likely. Will their classes be similar in experience to mine? Probably. Is there anything you can do now to prepare your child for the misinformation they’ll be subjected to? Oh, yes! …Stacy Farrell from Homeschool Adventure has written a fabulous philosophy curriculum to help you take your children on a tour of philosophical ideas from history through the lenses of Christianity. (read the review)

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