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Will your students recognize truth?

Introduce them to philosophy
from a biblical worldview.

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Philosophy Adventure teaches students 6th-12th grade how to write skillfully, think critically, and speak clearly as they explore the history of ideas!

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The world is changing.

The world is crazy these days. Have you noticed?

All-too-soon, your children will make their own way in this increasingly godless culture.

Will your children be equipped to stand?

I understand how hard it is.

Because we homeschooled our own sons, I empathize with the struggles you face as home educators.

I love homeschooling and homeschoolers—and I'm dedicated to helping you teach your children to think critically and stand firm for Truth.

That's why I created Philosophy Adventure.

Recommended by:

Lind Lacour Hobar

I couldn’t put it down! I highly recommend Philosophy Adventure.

Linda Lacour Hobar, The Mystery of History


... does a good job of introducing young people to the world of ideas—ideas that shape our world and the way people think.

Nancy Pearcey, Total Truth, Love Thy Body


Philosophy Adventure makes the study of philosophy very accessible, even to students as young as sixth grade.

Cathy Duffy, 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

Engaging is key.

It is so much easier to teach significant subjects when the resources you use capture your students' attention and ignite their love of learning.

More than just philosophy ...

Philosophy Adventure offers students the opportunity to earn high school credit in several subjects.


Ideas have consequences. Students learn to recognize how they are being influenced.

World History / Geography

Study history because: “Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.”


Learn how the ideas of these Ancient Greek philosophers compare to Scripture.

Philosophy Adventure Pages

English Composition

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most powerful skills we can teach!

Logic / Critical Thinking

When we teach our students thinking skills, we equip them to be problem-solvers. 

Speech Communications

Our children awaken to the world of ideas and communicate with others what they learn!

Two options for the complete set:

Digital edition of Philosophy Adventure

  • Philosophy Adventure Volume 1 (digital)
  • Philosophy Adventure Workbook (digital)
  • Philosophy Adventure Teacher's Resources (digital)
  • BONUS Planning Resources (digital)

Print Edition of Philosophy Adventure

  • Philosophy Adventure Volume One (spiral bound)
  • Philosophy Adventure Workbook (spiral bound)
  • Philosophy Adventure Teacher's Resources (digital)
  • BONUS Planning Resources (digital)



Tracy Klicka

One of my greatest fears when I started homeschooling was, ‘How do I prepare my kids to stand strong in a changing world?

Tracy Klicka, Director of Development, Home School Foundation

Charese Baker Crow

As a frazzled mom of a son who both delights and exasperates, I found Philosophy Adventure™ interesting, intriguing, balanced, eye-opening, and sound. The stories came alive.

Charese Baker Crowe, Wife, Mom, Home-educator, Daily & Lfe-long Learner

Christmas 2010 Broadmoor 031 C&S 600x600

This captivating overview of pre-Socratic philosophers will help instill a love for knowledge and wisdom in your child’s heart and mind. 

Clay Clarkson, Whole Heart Ministries


A few of my younger children came along on the adventure. Though the content was challenging at times, the writing style was engaging and I was quite pleased with how much they learned.

Melissa, Homeschool Mom and Writer

Tracy Klicka

User friendly, solid biblically, academically sound, and culturally relevant—Philosophy Adventure helps our children discern and defend truth.

Tracy Klicka, Director of Development, Home School Foundation


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