Don’t Eat That Frog!

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Don’t Eat That Frogis a short-but-insightful guide that will give you strategies that combat overload and distraction.

Do you ever find yourself locked in a battle with yourself?

“For I do not understand my own actions…I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing that I hate.” —Paul of Tarsus

This struggle is more common than you might think.

You’re not alone.

You care about how you invest your time. You’re trying hard to maximize your potential.

Some days you feel like a “rock star.” Other days, not so much.

Too often, you simply feel exhausted. So many people depend on you. Life’s demands are relentless.

There’s no time to rest.

Despite your best efforts, your “to do” list grows faster than you can possibly cross things off.

Life feels crazy and chaotic … like things are spinning out of control.

But you’re not content with the chaos.

You are reaching for something better.

You are striving to make the best investment of your time and talents.

Your determination sets you apart.

Don’t Eat That Frog! is a short-but-insightful guide that will give you strategies that combat overload and distraction.

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WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT DON’T EAT THAT FROG! A Liberating Look at Time Management Strategies


Rachel Miller endorses Don't Eat That Frog



“Stacy’s book is perfect for the person who is juggling WAY too many things. It helps you see where you can prioritize tasks in your life — and do it with grace and a smile.” —Rachel Miller, Moolah Marketing



Sarah Mueller endorses Don't Eat That Frog!



“Such a breath of fresh air! Stacy’s book revealed to me why I’ve never been able to stick with just one productivity system. At last — permission to be myself and do what works best for me!”  —Sarah Mueller, Decluttering Club


Carrie Fernandez endorses Don't Eat That Frog!



It’s challenging to run a successful internet business and blog  while being a wife, mother, and homeschool teacher. I appreciate the help offered in this concise survey of time management strategies and techniques. It’s a quick read — packed with insight and inspiration. I highly recommend it!—Carrie Fernandez, Homeschool Giveaways


1 review for Don’t Eat That Frog!

  1. Gina

    “You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays.” ~Prof. Harold Hill

    If you’ve ever been paralyzed with fear over your unorganized ways and just need a little direction (or bunches!) you’ll appreciated Stacy’s insightful and inspirational guide. Not just philosophy about why organizing your busy life is helpful, but straightforward steps to get you there. Don’t procrastinate — buy today.

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