I’d Rather Be Your Mommy


It’s okay if it’s your dream in life to be a good wife and mother!

Our hearts long for connection — and we never outgrow the need for our mother’s love. This book is dedicated with love to all the women who would rather be a mommy — whether they have the great privilege of being home with their babies or work to support them.



Be careful!

Before you know it, that sweet little baby you hold in your arms today — will be driving away “tomorrow.” You don’t want to be standing in your doorway, waving good-bye, wondering what happened to the time….

The days are long, but the years are short. MAKE TIME TO CONNECT!

Make a loving connection with your children at the end of every day by reading this bedtime story. As you snuggle together they will hear again and again … there’s nothing you’d rather be than mommy!

♥ ♥ ♥

Habits are overcome by habits, and the habit of reading a bedtime story provides the opportunity to pause and be present in your children’s lives.

We designed this sweet storybook to help you overcome the waves of daily distractions by anchoring you in a daily ritual.

Hug them tight. Stare into their little eyes. Wash away the strain of the day with loving words of affirmation.

Make a memory that will build them up in a world that tries to tear them down.



We also created a COLORING BOOK edition so you can enjoy an artistic activity with your little ones — or big ones, too. You’re never too old to need a mother’s love!



Recommended by some of our favorite mommies (and a daddy)!

“In a world that is confused on so many issues, this little book speaks with joyful clarity on the priceless value of motherhood and children. It’s a perfect gift for new moms! I hope mothers everywhere wrap their arms around their little ones and read it to them again and again!”
— Buddy Smith, Senior Vice President, AFA.net



“This book perfectly captures the love, joy, and fullness of a mother’s heart for her child.”
— Christy Jordan, Author, SouthernPlate.com


“Time invested in the lives of our little ones is precious. They grow up so fast! This sweet little book tells them how much you love them and assures them that there’s nothing you’d rather be than their mommy!”
— Monica Cole, Director, OneMillionMoms.com



Nancy Pearcey“While children are young, there is no substitute for parental love and attention to grow up children who are emotionally healthy and secure, primed to reach their full potential. Thanks to Stacy Farrell for affirming this crucial calling.” — Nancy Pearcey, Christian Apologist & Author, Finding Truth


Heidi St. John“Sweet piggy toes, bright eyes, and the precious love of a mommy for her baby (even when he spits up) grace the pages of this darling picture book. You will enjoy snuggling close and reading to your little ones as you both ooh and ahh over beautiful photos and read words that every mom wants to say to her little ones. Say it again, sweet mom! Of all the occupations in the world, our kids need to hear that we would rather be their mommy.”
— Heidi St. John, The Busy Mom, HeidiStJohn.com


Jamerrill Stewart“My friend Stacy Farrell has written a blessed children’s book that’s sure to be a joy to your family. This gem focuses on a mother’s undeniable love for her children and how her children are the best gift in the world. I enjoy reading this sweet story to my children, and I know you will, too!”
—Jamerrill Stewart, Author/Speaker, FreeHomeschoolDeals.com



Gena with her babies“What could be better than being your mommy? Popular author Stacy Farrell says that nothing could be more important or fulfilling than the great privilege of being a mother to her babies. As I read through this picture book, I felt my ‘mommy-emotions’ rise up, confirming every word on the pages as my own reality, too. Baby feet, very little sleep, burps and spit-ups, messy diapers and all, who could trade it for even the most exciting lifestyle this world could possibly offer in exchange? Not me. All mommies will agree: this book is precious. And the illustrations within will hold any baby’s interest as Mommy reads affirming words of truth and sacrifice that can only come from a mother’s heart. Read this to your little ones; they’ll love snuggling up and hearing it.”
— Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC



Malia“I’d Rather Be Your Mommy is a precious little book that was a delightful read for my son and me to share together. It has beautiful, crisp, images that were a joy to explore. The stunning photos coupled with the sweetest phrases of a mother’s love for her child made this little book endearing and special immediately. We laughed out loud, we shared tender moments, and learned a few things in the course of reading this short book (“What’s Mars Mama?”). Daniel (age 4) and I give our happy endorsement.”
— Malia Russell, Owner, Homemaking911.com



Valerie-McClintick“Words spoken from a mother’s heart… I’d Rather Be Your Mommy celebrates the blessings of motherhood and reassures young children of their God given value.  With engaging illustrations and narrative text, this keepsake reminds children just how deeply they treasured….it will soon become a favorite during storytime!”
— Valerie Valerie McClintick, Publisher, CraftyClassroom.com



“This book will make you want to curl up on the couch with your little ones and share a precious time of celebrating their lives and the moment you became their mommy.”
—Amy Roberts, Author/Speaker, RaisingArrows.net 



Kendra Fletcher“In all my years of mothering a house full of children, during all the triumphant days and even the most frustrating ones, I’ve never wanted my kids to feel as if I wished I were someplace else, doing something else. Stacy’s beautiful and satisfying book communicates exactly what I want my children to know: I’d rather be their mother than anything else in the world.”
—Kendra Fletcher, Author/Speaker, HomeschoolingIRL.com 

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