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Have we forgotten whose we are?

In this “Age of Tolerance,” Christians are in danger of forgetting (or never learning) what distinguishes a Christian worldview from other worldviews. The Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal is a powerful tool to strengthen critical thinking while cultivating a biblical worldview.


Have we forgotten whose we are?

In this “Age of Tolerance,” Christians are in danger of forgetting (or never learning) what distinguishes a Christian worldview from other worldviews.

The Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal is a powerful tool to strengthen critical thinking while cultivating a biblical worldview.

A companion to Lewis’s classic work, the Journal can be used for independent study with teenagers or adults, or as a group study in  families, homeschools, co-ops, classrooms, Sunday school, and small groups.


The Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal is available in print or digital format.

Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal  & Answer Key bundle

Available in print or digital format, the bundle includes the Journal with a corresponding Answer Key.

  • The print edition includes two 183-page, 8.5 x 11″ spiral bound books for $48.95.
  • The digital edition includes two downloadable 183-page PDFs for $34.95.
  • Additional spiral-bound print Journals or Answer Keys can be purchased separately for $28.95.

More than fifty years later, C. S. Lewis’s legacy lives on!

The classic work commonly known as Mere Christianity is actually a four-book series which explores the common ground upon which all Christians stand. It brings together Lewis’ legendary radio talks broadcast during World War II previously published as: Right and Wrong as a Clue to the Meaning of the Universe, What Christians Believe, Christian Behavior, and Beyond Personality (or First Steps in the Doctrine of the Trinity), and provides an unequaled opportunity for believers and nonbelievers alike to hear this powerful apologetic for the Christian faith.

The Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal is a powerful tool to strengthen critical thinking while cultivating a biblical worldview.

Although it was originally created to be a companion resource to Philosophy Adventure, it may also be used as group or independent study for teenagers or adults. It provides 10-16 questions for each chapter which can be discussed in:

  • homeschools
  • co-ops
  • classrooms
  • Sunday school
  • small groups
  • families


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10 reviews for Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal

  1. Ellen Pool

    We are HUGE C. S. Lewis fans in this house! My daughter has read several of his books, listened to the audio of most of the Narnia collection, and we own all of the accompanying movies that have been released. However, I must admit that until I found out about Home School Adventure Co.’s Mere Christianity Journal, I was unfamiliar with any of his non-fiction publications.

    For our review, I received and printed out a PDF format of the Mere Christianity Journal. I did this for ease of using it with the paperback copy of the book. As my journal copy arrived before my book did, I had the opportunity to read through some of it beforehand. To my delight, once I began reading through it, I discovered what a rich schooling I was about to receive in apologetics from Mr. Lewis.

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  2. Carol Emmert

    Many of you may be familiar with Home School Adventure Co. because of their Philosophy Adventure curriculum. Arlene and I had the chance to review one of their other great products, the Mere Christianity Journal. This journal is full of questions to help you process and discuss the various parts of C.S.Lewis’ Mere Christianity book. In case you haven’t read Mere Christianity I want to give you a little background about the book, and tell you why I think this Critical Analysis Journal is such an asset.

    Lewis’ book is a compilation of talks he gave on the BBC during WWII. He was asked (as a recent convert to Christianity) to speak to the British people and help them understand the basic tenants of Christianity. While these talks were geared towards offering understanding and hope in a time of war, they still ring true for Christians today.

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  3. Debra

    Some products that I have the chance to review aren’t what I hoped. Most are really quite good.

    A few completely overwhelm me — in a good way — leaving me so incredibly grateful for the opportunities I get as a reviewer to actually see these things.

    A new high school apologetics resource, Mere Christianity: Critical Analysis Journal, falls in that latter category. I am so incredibly grateful to Stacy Farrell for the opportunity to try out this utterly fantastic product. I will continue to use it now, and I will be using it again with my younger children when they reach high school.

    This one is a keeper.

    What is this? It is a journal based on the book Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis. Home School Adventure Co. has put together this resource so that you can discuss this fantastic book with your teens. I used it with all three of mine, ages 13, 15 and 16. My younger kids listened in sometimes too.

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  4. Jarm Del Boccio

    Stacy has done it again! She has helped us to slow down and digest a meaty topic with her Critical Analysis Journal. I, for one, have a very difficult time understanding Lewis’s works, but Stacy has done her homework, and created a guide to simplify the process.
    I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to read Mere Christianity for a HS or college course, or just on their own time. Can also be used by home schoolers interested in deepening their knowledge of Scripture.

  5. Amy B

    People are often overwhelmed by the depth of C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity and what Stacy has done is break it down into easily manageable chunks and provided questions. These are questions that force you to really wrestle with what you read until you fully grasp what you have read and either agree or disagree. No skimming allowed! It’s a system that works, and the questions she has written reveal her mastery of the material.

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  6. Leah Courtney

    We do a devotions time every morning with all of the kids and I- 3rd grade, 4th grade, 8th grade, and 9th grade. During this time I began using Mere Christianity and the journal. I read aloud from the book each day. We read and then stop every so often to discuss the journal questions that cover the reading we had done. Sometimes I ask some of the journal questions before reading as a pre-reading activity to help the kids focus in on what to listen for. And sometimes I just read them after I read the book to see if we can remember and discuss. The amount that we read every day varies depending on how deep our discussion goes and how much we can understand or need to reread….

    I really like the questions that the journal uses. Mere Christianity- in fact most of C.S. Lewis’s nonfiction- can be very deep reading. It is sometimes hard to grasp exactly what he is saying. And sometimes his examples are great, but at other times, they are somewhat circular. The journal questions are very well-worded and thought out to draw the kids to an understanding of what we are reading.

    For example, Lewis begins Mere Christianity by discussing whether or not there is a common law of nature- a base standard of right and wrong. And he is looking at how we can know for sure that there is this law of nature, superseding all of our opinions or personal actions. This can be a difficult concept to grasp, but the questions in the journal make one think of what’s being said and help it to become more clear. One of the questions from the first chapter is: How does Lewis say our reaction to the atrocities committed by the Nazis supports his argument for a common sense among men of what is right and what is wrong? The question led to a discussion of whether or not the Nazis knew that what they did was wrong- an absolute wrong- and that the people around them obviously believed that they were wrong- an absolute wrong.

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  7. Amanda H

    Since I don’t have any high school students at home (yet), I used this journal for myself. And I LOVED it! I have been taking my time while reading this book and working through the questions that Stacy has put together in her Journal. I have really enjoyed reading more about the Christian faith and learning more about myself in the process. This is a book that I would recommend to families with older children, or even as a family to discuss and bible study groups. This is not just a “homeschool” journal in the least bit! I have honestly not found one thing to complain about at all! Nothing! Stacy has done a wonderful job once again!
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  8. Kelli Becton

    There is nothing more important than our personal walk with Jesus, and teaching our children to have a deep love for and a daily walk with our Savior. Whether you are a new Christian, or a mature one – the Critical Analysis Journal for Mere Christianity will take you on a journey to a deeper, closer walk with the Lord. It will refresh you, remind you, and excite you and is wonderful to share with your tween & teens.

    I’ve gotten to know the author, Stacy Farrell, and I can tell you first hand, this woman has a heart for Jesus, and a burden for others. This is the heart and commitment which has gone into the planning and preparation of this study guide, and it shows.

  9. Michele Gerrells

    Stacy Farrell has created a wonderful journal to go along with Mere Christianity. Wow! What a useful tool the Critical Analysis Journal is! As I mentioned I am using it as I read through the book. The journal is broken down into the four books that are contained in Mere Christianity along with the preface.

    Yes the preface! Many times we (or at least I sometimes do) tend to skip over the preface of a book not always giving it the time it deserves. Stacy has written 10 thought provoking questions for the preface of the book!
    You can read my complete review at:

  10. Cristi

    As I read the first book of Mere Christianity, I was able to follow Lewis’s clear arguments because he lays them out so logically. When I combined my readings from the text with the questions in the Critical Analysis Journal, I was able to dig into the material and find applications for myself.

    For instance, in the first chapter of Book One, Lewis points out that listening to people quarrel leads us to infer that everyone believes in some sort of moral standard. The Critical Analysis Journal asks the reader to think more about the concept of a moral standards. It looks at the similar moral teachings of various ancient cultures and asks about moral standards in our own culture. For instance, “Do you think our present culture admires selfishness? Explain why or why not.” I was no longer blindly reading through C. S. Lewis’s work, I was thinking about what moral standards I see in the world around me. More importantly, I started thinking about my own reactions to and feelings about those moral absolutes.

    By using the Critical Analysis Journal, I was no longer a passive reader. I interacted with the text and allowed C. S. Lewis’s words in Mere Christianity to challenge me in my own beliefs and actions.

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