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When my teen-aged sons told me they wanted to play airsoft at an event hosted by a young man named Russell, I immediately started asking questions:

  • Who was he?
  • Where did they meet him?
  • Who else would be there?

My husband and I have homeschooled Roger and Ryan from the start. They’ve been blessed with amazing friends. Over time, I’ve come to appreciate their ability to make wise decisions about relationships. That said, I’d never met this young man, and I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about dropping them off at his house and driving away. However, my apprehension soon turned to delight….

Meeting Russell launched me into almost three years of researching and writing to tell the story of his 7-week adventure in a land that is home to one of the greatest missionary stories every told!

  • Hear the story of the five martyred missionaries of Operation Auca.
  • Learn how Jesus transformed a savage killer into a humble evangelist — and fostered a deep and abiding love between a young man and the warrior who murdered his father.
  • Review exotic recipes for ferocious fish and giant grubs.
  • Discover how one of the first flying cars can be used to meet needs of those isolated in the jungle

Walking with the Waodani is a unit study that will introduce your family to some of the most amazing people and places, meals and markets, animals and agriculture, and worlds and worldviews of the country of Ecuador — as experienced through the eyes of a homeschool graduate.


“Do you want your children to have a heart for missions? Walking with the Waodani is a great way to let them see the grandest adventure of all – being a conduit of God’s grace to the ends of the earth. History, geography, creative writing, and worldview studies will make parents happy —  and anacondas, grubs, and piranha will spice it up for the kids. But everyone will finish up with a deeper understanding of Ecuador … and of grace and truth. This is a study your boys, especially, will love!” —Hal & Melanie Young, authors of Raising Real Men


“As one who has led numerous missions trips to various nations, and so I often look for books to promote interest in missions in families, Walking With the Waodani is unique. Author Stacy Farrell has turned the story into a fascinating course of study that will bring many a student back to the book again and again. With a collection of outstanding illustrations and numerous study questions and helps, here’s a book that is likely to stir interest in gospel mission work even among families that have not been captured by the subject before.” —Dennis Gundersen, President, Grace and Truth Books



Thank you so very much for writing this curriculum and for sharing it with us….  My kids loved the first two sections and have been pestering me for the rest. It has fundamentally changed the way my children think and deepened their understanding of the concept of forgiveness.


 We couldn’t put it down for the first two lessons, so my boys and I are excited for the next ones!


I wanted to share with you my teen daughter’s reaction when we started reading it together yesterday: “This is fantastic! This is the best thing ever!” And she is always the biggest critic in our family.


Here’s a sneak peek into part of Russell’s trip:


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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    We really enjoyed this study. It is a wonderful Charlotte Mason type unit study that will hold the interest of your children. Read more about my review of this here: http://www.homesteadbountyblessings.com/2017/03/walking-with-waodani-unit-study-review.html

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

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    The week before we received the downloaded pdf file of Walking with the Waodani, our oldest boy had just finished reading ‘Through the Gates of Splendour.’ This book tells the story of ‘Operation Auca,’ and how five American missionaries attempt to reach the Auca people to tell them about Jesus, but sadly, all of these brave men were killed by the tribe. With this knowledge fresh in his mind, we started working through this unit study.

    We found this unit study to be well-written and informative on the subjects it touches and have enjoyed using it.

    Read more of my review here: http://www.amomentinourworld.com/2017/03/review-walking-waodani-unit-study.html

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