Here are just a few of the workshops we offer. If you would like to invite Stacy to speak at your event, use the contact form you will find here.


Creative Freewriting Adventure: Bring joy and excitement into your student’s writing

Learn how you can inspire students to think critically and biblically while developing essential writing skills. Discover simple exercises that will help unleash their creativity.


Philosophy Adventure Workshop_web.002

Homeschooler Adventures – inspiring stories of homeschool students following Jesus

We pour our hearts into preparing our students to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. There is a time to shelter, and a time to release. Be encouraged by stories of students who are actively loving and trusting God as they venture into the world.


From Atheist to Apologist: Lessons from C. S. Lewis, the Great Christian Storyteller

In this “Age of Tolerance,” Christians are in danger of forgetting what distinguishes the worldview of the believer from that of the unbeliever. Discover how to use the life and work of C. S. Lewis to help your students build a biblical worldview.



 Don’t Run From the Mirror! (Why You Need to Teach)

When families first consider homeschooling, they often feel ill-equipped for the challenge. Quality resources abound today, but there is a critical element necessary for success that can’t be purchased for any price. Come discover what it is!