Creative Freewriting Adventure Workshop Resources

Creative_Freewriting_Adventure_Resources(This post may include affiliate links.)

We are delighted that you stopped by and are pleased to share links to the resources discussed by Stacy Farrell at the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention


In the workshop, we explored some of the writing prompts contained in  Creative Freewriting Adventure. If you would like to read what one student did with the “Heaven” creative freewriting, click here.

You will find a FREE writing prompt written in honor of our Christian brothers and sisters in chains here.

Join our list to receive the FREE Thales Study which contains a creative freewriting on The Father of  Western Philosophy by clicking here.

The birth of Christ is something we celebrate throughout the year! Find a link to “The Ultimate Christmas Party” subscriber freewriting freebie here (excerpted from Creative Freewriting Adventure).

In addition to these writing prompts from Home School Adventure Co., you can find FREE writing prompts for middle schooler students here and for high school students here, courtesy of our friends at Writing with Sharon Watson, and another collection of fun and free prompts here, courtesy of our friends at Writeshop.