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C.S. Lewis on friendshipNever allow the good to become the enemy of the best

There are better things ahead!

Love People Create Ripples

Few delights can equal

No school equal

Love is the only forceDecided-to-love-1500If my people will praylove definedWhat about socialization?All is lossFairy TalesFaithless is heWorryTeach freedom and responsibilityLeap-in-the-light-1500Anxiety does not emptyDecided to loveFaith StaircaseThe way to loveLove your enemiesTry something newIf they knewTo be right with GodSchool Room PhilosophyOn teaching self-controlTo educate a manHow to think

Winston Churchill on EducationObservant-Child-2Your child's bentFREEDOM-TO-BECOME0001-84899773“Successful teaching is not head-to-head; it is heart-to-heart.”Unhurried family timeSelf-educationInvisible WomanAttempt the absurd; achieve the impossible.Love your family.A million facts does not an education make.Make them think.The goal of educationLook for ChristGods giftsKEEP-CHRIST-IN-CHRISTMASRoom-for-the-SaviorWise-men-still-seek-HimA gift beyond wordsPeace on EarthCourage to StartYour impact can last a lifetimeLet us beginInspire themLove PeopleCreate RipplesThe world owes you nothingBach-on-music-01TWO ROADSRise-AgainLove-without-getting-tiredA-PERFECT-ACTdangerous-seaDo-not-lie-to-yourselfDreamingMaking ExcusesNever-worry-about-numbers0001-187871078Nobody-ever-outgrows-Scripture-3anger-rightly-handled-1500-2no-more-orphans-pleaseEasier to Build Strong ChildrenThe-Mark-of-Acceptance-HSAChildren are marked forever by faithful love.Children observe how we relate to the world. They are marked by our integrity
No-Christian-can-ignoreA-Fathers-Mark-Pt-2what-kind-of-mark-will-he-leaveBe there.ListenHave-funThe Greatest GoodApologetics-and-evangelism-2In-matters-of-style-2May-we-think-of-freedomWe-fight-not-to-enslave-2A-good-father-2change-the-worldA Child's viewmorality-test