The Homeschool Convention Planner


So you’re going to a homeschool conference? Is this your first time? You’re going to love it!

Homeschoolers are the most wonderful people in the world!

Whether you’re new to homeschooling or a “battle-scarred” veteran, The Homeschool Convention Planner will help you get the maximum benefit from the time you invest at the conference.

Inside, you’ll find printable worksheets to help you plan, capture ideas, and process what you learn.

Pre-Conference Planning:

  • Curricula to Purchase
  • Curricula to Explore
  • Workshop to Attend
  • Shopping Budget
  • Booths to Visit
  • Gift Lists

Conference Is In Session:

  • Sales & Coupon Codes
  • Price Comparisons
  • Favorite Speakers & Booths
  • Workshop Notes
  • New Homeschool Friends

Post Conference Reflections

    • Academic Goals
    • Character Goals
    • Life Skills Goals
    • Wisdom & Insights
    • Websites to Visit
    • Conference Reflections

If you are like most homeschooling moms, you really look forward to homeschool conventions. Where else can you be around hundreds of other crazy homeschooling moms who really “get” you and your desire to give your children the best education possible?

With conventions comes preparation. If you attend a homeschooling convention without a plan, you are likely to miss out on some amazing workshops as well as vendor booths you need to visit to pick up something for your homeschool.

The Homeschool Convention Planner contains EVERYTHING you need to get the most out of any convention!

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