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Overcoming your greatest fear about homeschooling

Overcoming Your Greatest Fear About Homeschooling

Be encouraged by homeschool parents and students who have traveled the path ahead of you.

Sparkler against the sunset

It can make a momma cry.

We make plans. We have the best intentions. And then . . . we fail to execute. Distractions sweep us away from what is most important….

How shall we escape?


Although muted by the blind’s wooden slats, enough natural light filters in through my bedroom window to sustain my vision as I read and reflect upon Hebrews 2:3.

“How shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?”


What does that really mean?

eternity in their hearts

Eternity in Their Hearts

In Worshipping the State, Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D., tells a story about incoming college students who were forced to participate in an exercise intended to shame and punish those who held “politically incorrect” opinions.

All the students were required to stand along one wall if they supported social causes that included the right to gay marriage or abortion—and along another wall if they did not.

As you might guess, biblical values and those who stood for them were perceived to be “oppressive.”

Although there is more to this story, it is safe to say that this college has become a model that other colleges are beginning to emulate. (God help us.) It gives us a glimpse into the type of challenges our children are likely to face as they leave the shelter of our homes.

This is not the future I envisioned for those sweet babies I once held in my arms….

woman looking into a mirror

Don’t Run from the Mirror — Why You Need to Teach!

Is everything is going well in your homeschool now? Just wait. If your experience is anything like many of us, the day will come when you encounter difficulty and discouragement in your homeschool. When you do, you’ll be faced with a critical choice: run … or overcome.

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